Live Close To All The Healthy Food Spots From These Dallas Apartments

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Dec 19, 2017

It’s almost the end of December with the new year right around the corner! People are already jumping on the New Year, New Me, “Let’s Eat Healthy 2018” bandwagon. Others are about to start….or not, and some have always eaten healthy (*slow clap*slow clap*slow clap* WOW, you amaze us). Living so close to delicious restaurants and hoppin’ bars can be both good and bad. I mean, who doesn’t like walking to get food? Let’s be honest deciding on what to eat and if you should eat it can be hard, especially if your only options are tacos, pizza, and more tacos. Would you check out healthy food spots if they were just blocks from where you lived? WE WOULD!! Eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring and if it’s super convenient, why not give it a shot? #hellosummerbod

Whether you’re on the go or heading to work, here are some sweet apartments near some delicious, yet healthy options! Especially for the next time, you’re thinking about getting the “usual.” Aka Tacos!

Walk to Mudhen

If you haven’t tried Mudhen, then you most definitely should! Like, right now. Once you do, you are going to want to live right next-door! Seriously, it’s that good! It’s all about the meats and greens at Mudhen. They focus on real food without all that added fluff and sugars. You also won’t find soda on the menu, but the juices and smoothies are where it’s at anyways! Just check out the shiny stainless steel appliances, quartz counters, and wood flooring. You’ll want to pick up your food to go and eat it at home every time! The best part of all, you’ll be close to the Farmer’s Market too!

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One Mile from True Food Kitchen

True Food is a healthy foodie haven for sure. They have plenty of delicious vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and just all around nourishing plates to choose from! Do you love the Preston Hollow area? Live here and you can be close to all of the Preston Hollow shopping, and True Food Kitchen! Plus, these apartments are very luxurious and absolutely stunning with floor to ceiling windows and panoramic views of Downtown Dallas (in select units). Great food and great views! What more could you ask for?


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Just Blocks Away from Unleavened

Craving a sandwich or wrap, but Subway’s meat makes you a little nervous? Check out Unleavened. They use the freshest ingredients in all their sandwiches and wraps! That’s not all they serve. Unleavened have a variety of fruits, quinoa salads, and breakfast options to keep you fueled all day long. If you want to live close to Unleavened, Whole Foods, and White Rock Lake, then these are the apartments for you!

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Under a Mile to HG Sply Co., Sprouts, and Trader Joe’s

HG Sply Co. Do we even have to say more?! Clean food at it’s finest. Anyone living in Dallas who loves a good, quality meal needs to try HG Sply Co. If you want to live within walking (short driving) distance to everything in Lower Greenville, including HG, then you need to check out this complex! The location doesn’t get much better than this!


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Live above Whole Foods

Alright, it does not get much better than this! Whether you need to run in and grab a quick meal to go or you’re making a full-blown grocery trip, living on top of Whole Foods is about as convenient as it gets. As a bonus, you’ll be in the heart of Uptown with other healthy spots like Snap Kitchen right around the corner! The complex itself is beyond gorgeous! It has all the amenities you could want. Concierge services, a yoga studio, heated pool for those cold nights, and top of the line appliances/finishes in the units!

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A Hop, Skip, and a Jump Away from Southpaws

Southpaws Grill focuses on living a health-minded lifestyle! Here, it isn’t just about the food, but honestly embracing healthy living as a whole. Whether you need a breakfast or a lunch spot, Southpaw will give you an array of colorful options to choose from! There are several apartments within walking distance that we absolutely love! Just check these out:

The 6 minute walk to Southpaws

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The 4 minute walk to Southpaws (#fancy)

TAY 8143


Freshii and Buda Juice Right Across the Street

Salad, wraps, soups, and much more! Freshii is your one-stop shop for healthy juices, bars, and full on meals. Their salad bowls are killer and will for sure fill you up and give you your daily dose of nutrients. Or if you’re looking to hop on the juice cleanse train, Buda Juice is just a few storefronts down! So, if you are looking to stick to your New Years’ resolution and need healthy food at your fingertips, then you definitely should live here! The dark wood floors, granite countertops, and spacious closets make these units fell extra homey.

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If you’re looking for a new pad within the vicinity of healthy foods, fill out our apartment search form, and we will find the best spot for you! Like one of the apartments mentioned above? We can give you all the info, just call/text us at 214-586-0519! #fitfam #healthyfoodie


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