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Mac & Cheese: Greenville Edition

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Smart City
May 26, 2017

It’s been a few weeks so we hope you’re ready for another edition of the best Mac & Cheese in Dallas. This time we are going to hit Greenville and give you all the deets on some of the most delicious and cheesy spots in the area. We are basically Anthony Bourdain minus the world traveling and the excessive boozing. We don’t have a ton of favorites on our list for Greenville but here are our favorite mac & cheese spots that are definitely worth mentioning!


Who doesn’t love bougie mac & cheese? Although we grew up with Kraft, it’s satisfying to get some real cheese in your belly. Remedy’s three-cheese mac is topped with buttery bread crumbs and sells for a cool $9. Honestly, we’d pay at least $18 for it. It’s that good. Plus, they make some of the best in-house sodas that we’ve ever had. AND they’ll throw some vodka and homemade straws in there and suddenly it’s an adult soda! Side note: They make these super delicious meat and cheese sandwiches at lunch! We’ve had the shaved bologna sandwich covered in mass amounts of American cheese during lunch once and it was super dope. It was basically like the childhood grilled cheeses we’ve eaten but more delicious and adult-like. YUM!



This “New Texas Smokehouse” spot is known for its large meat selection but our favorite is the spicy chopped pork mac and cheese with crumb toppings. How can you not enjoy pork, chopped up in mac & cheese and then covered in delicious crumbs? They’ve got a ton of shareable plates and have a very wine focused menu. If you’re more of a meat person (who isn’t?) then you’re going to love it at Clark. They sell a bunch of different meats by the piece and wrap it in trendy brown paper. If you basically just love cheese, we hit that place all the time and eat their cheese plate that just has a variety of delicious cheeses.


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