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Master Guide to Baby-Proofing Your Apartment

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Aug 24, 2020

Congratulations on becoming a parent (to more than a fur baby)! Let’s be honest, kids are some of the sneakiest humans out there – they’ll touch, pull, open, smash, climb, _______ (insert verb) anything. Here’s a room-by-room guide to child-proof your apartment so those small humans stay safe while they’re doing all their “exploring.”

First things first: the bedroom (yours and theirs)

The main key to safety-proofing a bedroom is securing furniture and electronics. Use a few anchors or brackets to connect things like your dresser, night stand, bookshelf, photos or television so they don’t topple over for any reason. If you have a baby crib in the apartment, anchor it to a wall and double-check that the slats along the bottom are only six centimeters apart so that your small human doesn’t get their little head stuck anywhere it’s not supposed to be. Experts also suggest keeping the crib free of small toys, stuffed animals and blankets so that nothing causes hazards to their ability to breath.


Make sure your windows have screens on the outside and only open about three inches. Those little schemers are master contortionists and can fit in the smallest spaces. If that’s not an option, window guards are a great way to make sure the windows aren’t easily budged when they are open. When it comes to blinds that have loose cords, keep the hanging tassels as short as possible so there’s way less risk of those getting caught on a child’s neck or wrists.


Three words: toilet seat locks. Like we said (and like y’all already know), kids fit into the weirdest places! The bathroom is also one of the most slippery rooms in an apartment, so make sure it is always dry. As a side-note, there are anti-scalding devices to make sure your kid’s bath is the perfect temp (no need to self-test/burn anymore)! Use cabinet locks or straps to keep things like your hair dryer, flat irons and curlers,  and trimmer and razors safely secured. Another pro tip to help keep a kid from getting locked inside the bathroom is keeping a towel on top of the door, near the hinges. This way it can’t accidentally shut and lock.

Living Room

One may think a child couldn’t pull a love seat or couch on top of themselves, but “one” may be oh, so wrong (because naturally, when a kid is determined they automatically gain super-human strength). Anchors and brackets can help secure couches, tables, shelves, and the television to the wall or floor. When assembling that piece of furniture with the super helpful and descriptive instruction photos (sarcasm), make sure everything is sturdy before putting it out in the apartment (not sarcasm). If your apartment has a fireplace, it should have heatproof gates tall enough to keep children away. Make sure any fire pokers are put in a safe place as well because they apparently make great impromptu swords. Last note: make sure all your cords and electrical outlets are covered to reduce any risk there.


Child-proof latches will be your best friend to keep those little sticky fingers out of cabinets and drawers. Microwaves and indoor grilling appliances should be placed high up on the shelves where kids can’t reach them. Also, knob guards for the stove will be super-helpful for when your baby gets to that curious toddler phase (or hopefully-not fire phase, yikes). Yet another pro tip just in case they get past the child-proof latches is keeping cleaning and bug/rodent chemicals stored in higher places.


Pest control, pest control, pest control! Make sure you know when you apartment conducts their pest control so you can steer clear of the patio during that time. If you’ve got plants, make sure they’re out of reach so they can’t be consumed. Make sure your patio railings aren’t too spaced out so no no unexpected escapes are made! If you feel like the railings aren’t cutting it, add a gates for a little extra peace of mind.


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