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Smart City
Feb 21, 2019

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Moving to Texas is becoming more and more popular by the day! So, if you haven’t already heard Houston is one of the fastest growing cities in America then you’re probably living under a rock. In the past four years, over half-a-million new residents have come to call Houston home, making it the number two fastest growing city. While we at Smart City Houston are biased (H-Town represent!), we chose 3 reasons out of a magnitude on why you should call Houston home in 2019.

1. The Cost of Living

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Though our cost of living is increasing, Houston is far less expensive compared to the cost of other big cities in America. We pay less in taxes, so you take home a higher percentage of your paycheck meaning more money to play with! Our grocery stores also offer insane savings (H.E.B. where you at?) and our gas prices remain below the nation’s average.

2. The Weather

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If you live in Houston already, you’ve gotten used to sporadic rainfall. However don’t fret! Houston weather is pretty warm year-round. With only two months of chilly weather, Houstonians can enjoy pool time most of the time. So, put those snow boots away, and stock up on sunscreen!

3. The Amount of Apartments

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No need to worry about private rentals here! From mid-rise, to high-rise to garden styles, Houston has an abundance of apartments. Houston is taking in the influx of new Houstonians by building new apartment complexes. Apartments are going up so quick, its like there are new properties opening everyday! Not to forget the different neighborhoods in Houston to fit everyone’s personal needs and wants.

Our question to you; why not move to Houston?! Life in Houston is amazing if we do say so ourselves!

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