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Why You Should Move And Use Smart City (AKA Why We Are Awesome)

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Smart City
Aug 9, 2017

Y’all, so much is happening at Smart City. We COMPLETELY overhauled our site and it’s time to share it with all of you. This site is legit and now it’s easier than ever for us to find you an awesome apartment at an awesome price. We pride ourselves on treating our clients like friends, texting faster than we talk, and working hard because we care. So let’s talk apartments, find you a sweet place to call home for the year, and grab a beer to celebrate. Cheers!

Why you should move

AKA do not stay in your current apartment.

Once your lease is up, you probably shouldn’t re-sign at your current spot. I know, it sounds obnoxious. You have to go through the hassle of finding a new place and then you have to move all of your things… It’s a pain. But, there are several things that override these issues.

Specials, Specials, Specials!

Ahem, Free Money.

When you head over to a new spot and sign a lease, often you can snag a solid special. Currently, we know of several complexes running one month and even two months FREE!! This has a massive impact on your rent. Say you find a $1,400 one bedroom apartment that you absolutely LOVE. It’s new, it’s fancy, but it breaks the bank. If they are running two months free, your rent comes down to $1,166 on a 12 month lease! That’s some insane savings. Our Featured Listings and our Instagram are just a taste of the deals we can find.

Increasing Rent…

Your current place may cost you more!

So, a few different things could happen at the end of your current lease. Usually, you’ll see a rent increase. In some cases, it may be a massive increase! Remember that unit you got on special for $1,166? Well guess what? It’s going back up to market rate, so suddenly your rent is going to be $1,400 per month!! And that’s if the market hasn’t changed… however, this IS Austin. Check out articles from KVUE, Culture Map, Forbes, and more about the rising Austin rents; but don’t panic, we’ve still got a pulse on killer pricing.

You’re bored and those white walls are bothering you.

It’s time for a change of pace, my friend.

You may have moved into a brand new apartment last year, but now that unit has been worn in and those white walls aren’t looking so white anymore. Let’s face it, moving into a brand new apartment sounds like just what you need. Austin is currently building SO MANY new apartment complexes–basically one at every corner! Best of all, they just keep getting nicer and nicer. So, ditch the white walls for some trendy light grey trim and an accent wall. Remember those specials we were just talking about? New apartments are notorious for their initial deals to fill up their units quick! It’s a win, win.

Now for the important part…

Why you should use Smart City

We get it. There are a ton of options when it comes to using someone or some thing to find an apartment. From websites to companies to independent agents, you have dozens of options to choose from. We truly make it simple, and here’s why you should use us:


Here at Smart City we pride ourselves on giving you the best service possible. That means if you want to text us all day longand even at night, we will totally respond (unless it’s the middle of the night and we’re passed out, obviously). Or, if you prefer that we call you once a day with an update, we do that too. Hate phones? Cool, we can e-mail you. Don’t do technology? Okay, come on over to our office, chill on our couch, and chat away in person with your agent. You can get things started now – just fill this out!

Not Just a List Generator

Anyone or any website can shoot you a list of apartments in your price range and favorite area (link to neighborhoods page). However, most of the time, these lists are based on averages and aren’t updated regularly! Basically, that means the price you see is probably not accurate. What these other options fail to give you is something that they would totally live in! All of the properties we specialize in, we love. Our agents live in so many different areas around Dallas, we have favorites in every single neighborhood! We also listen to all of your needs and wants, and will totally customize our search to you.

We are Human

Whether you are moving to Austin for the first time (check out our Relocation page), or you’ve lived here for a while, we are totally chill humans who will be your personal Austin guide! We live, work, and play in Dallas. We know the perfect brunch spots, the coolest bars, and the best apartments. When you work with us, you’ll have a friend instantly. And if you wanna internet stalk us, Meet our Squad.


Let’s summarize: adulting is expensive, but using us as your referral source is free – no fine print. You’re crazy busy, your lease is up, and you need to decide to go or stay. We save you time by finding you the best deals in Austin. Hit us up! Call or text: 512-815-2317.

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