New In Town: Dallas Edition

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Apr 11, 2018

Dallas is booming with life! Vibrant culture and character around every corner. There’s literally a little bit of something for everyone—from the adventurous introvert to the die-hard music lover. But moving to a new city in itself can be isolating and beyond petrifying, especially one as big and busy as ours. Notably when it comes to making new friends and figuring out what the heck to even do. Which is why we crafted this guide to help the BIG D feel more like home.

But First, Coffee!


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Let’s be honest having a go-to coffee shop is a must in any city. Between getting your day started to first date destinations–our world pretty much revolves around coffee. Luckily for us, Dallas is bursting with cafés including some of our favorites: Houndstooth Coffee, Weekend Coffee, and Stupid Good Coffee. If you are looking to escape reality definitely check out Dallas’s newest coffee shop, Fiction Coffee! Psst–there are two very Instagrammable murals right outside (including our own!), so get those phones ready!

Birch Please

The Katy Trail

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When you think of Dallas, skyscrapers and shopping malls comes to mind. We mean it is a concrete jungle, but surprisingly enough it is also home to one of the largest municipal park systems in the country! That’s right, Dallas is covered in green space–boasting with more than 380 parks on 23,470 acres of parkland. Anywhere from playing fetch with your pooch at Wagging Tails Dog Park to jogging or biking one of the numerous trails including The Katy Trail, Trinity Skyline Trail, and White Rock Creek Trail. Dallas will definitely help you get reconnected with nature.

Without Music, Life Would B-flat!

Sofar Sound Dallas

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The music scene is HUGE in the Big D! From Reggae music to hometown rappers, Dallas will deliver no matter what type of music you love. But knowing where to go on which night (depending on your music taste) can be super difficult–this is where Sofar Sounds comes in! Sofar Sounds has brought music lovers and artists together with a ton of secret shows all over the Metroplex. So, whether you are looking for an intimate living room setting or an unforgettable rooftop evening, Sofar has you covered.

Cultivating Life

Farmers Market

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The Dallas Farmer’s Market has been cultivating life since 1941. No longer a horse-and-wagon wholesale business, but a full-grown market where you can mingle, green thump it up, find your Zen or indulge in farm-fresh veggies, dairy, and more. Plus, there’s always something happening at the Dallas Farmers Market–from live music to chef demos. Definitely, check out their schedule for upcoming events.

Let’s Be Social

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Making friends can be intimidating, especially now that we no longer have our parents forcing us to play nice with the neighbor’s kid (Thanks Mom!), and the choice is ours. Add moving to a whole new place to the mix, and it can feel like the end of the world! Fortunately enough, there are resources and a little thing called Google ready to help. One of our favorites is! Not only does it help you find the best local places (popular and hidden gems alike) to check out, but it helps you connect with people who are new and old to DFW.

If you still haven’t found a place to call home in the Big D, we have you covered. We’re here to help you find your dream apartment with expertise and our unique ability to cater to each individual client for absolutely zero dollars. Yeah, you read that right–Smart City is a FREE service! Call or text us today at 214-586-0519 or fill out our online form and we’ll get working on finding you a space to be yourself.

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