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Our Favorite Apartments in Allen

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Lacy H.
Feb 25, 2020

According to Google Trends, apartment renters want to know more about “apartments in Allen, TX!” Yes, Siri overheard you mention it to your friend the other day; and yes, Alexa picked up on the fact that you’re looking to move out of the city; and YES Cortana reported back to Google that you need more outdoor options near your apartment. So, we’re here to give you the full scoop on our favorite apartments to lease clients in Allen!

Allen has doubled in its population since 2000, landing at just over 107,000 residents in 2019 and is (obviously) projected to continue growing. The Allen Economic Development Corporation predicts that the Dallas suburb will reach upward of 117,000 in the next three years. According to your apartment Google searches and our market knowledge, Allen is poppin’!

If Allen isn’t quite your jam, it’s all good! Let us know what you’re looking for by filling out our 30-second webform; we’ll hook it up. Okay, back to our regularly scheduled programming…

Our favorite Allen apartments off US-75

One of our fave properties to send clients off US-75 in Allen is located at the southernmost edge of the suburb near lots of dining, shopping, and outdoor options. If you ever needed a reason or excuse not to venture into Dallas, this is it. Clients who lease at this property love the chic finishes and natural light featured in each unit and spend as many spring and summer hours as possible soaking up quality pool time in the sun.

apartments in all off US 75

This property is currently running a special of four weeks free on all units, bringing effective starting rates for one and two-bedroom units down to $994 and $1505! Not to mention, we’ve got the scoop on select floor plans that get an additional 2 weeks free on top of that. Watch a tour we did of a unit from this property on our Instagram and DM us if something like this is right up your alley!

…Off W. Exchange Parkway

This apartment gem in Allen offers residents two phases of units to choose from based on what finishes-and-price combo fit their needs. Both phases feature refined finishes, but the big seller featured in the second and more modern phase of units are the side-by-side fridge and freezer, and upgraded quartz counters in the kitchens. You might be thinking “DUH,” but you’d be surprised how easy it is to overlook touches like that when you’re touring!

how to pick the right apartment

All units on the property are currently linked to a special of either half a month free or one full month free depending on whether it’s upgraded. This lowers effective starting rates of one and two-bedroom units to $1,001 and $1,394. Clients currently looking to lease here also have the opportunity to get a look-and-lease bonus in conjunction with current specials!

A look-and-lease is basically a special that’s offered to clients who apply to lease a unit while they’re on property touring, typically paid out after an applicant is approved to lease and moves in. They’re highly-leveraged incentives offered by many properties and a big reason we prepare our clients to tour with the intent of leasing! In this case, the property is offering a look-and-lease of $500 or $1,000, depending on whether clients are applying to lease a one or two-bedroom unit. That’s a lot of extra cash!

…Off Sam Rayburn Tollway

This property sits just northwest of Highway 121, also known as the Sam Rayburn Tollway, so some might categorize it as “McKinney.” Since it’s south of the Highway 121/US-75 junction, we like to suggest it to clients looking for apartments in Allen since it’s minutes from all the action happening off Alma Drive, and Stacy and North Watters Road! Aside from easy access to Highway 121, residents here also love the resort-style pool and fitness amenities, and sophisticated in-unit finishes like granite countertops and high ceilings. 

Currently, starting rates for units here are $830 to $870 for a studio, $980 for a one-bedroom and $1470 for a two-bedroom. If you’re looking for an apartment in Allen and you’ve got a furry friend accompanying you on your move, this property is currently offering a waived pet deposit (about $200 in savings) and dropped the pet fee down to $50! They’re also offering reduced application, administration and deposit fees, so applicants leave only paying $199 for all three, which is a steal.

apartments in allen tx off the tollway

Recently, we also established a Negotiated Deal with this property, offering Smart City customers exclusive, reduced pricing. Negotiated units lease pretty fast, so a great way to stay in front of exclusive pricing like this, is to either get linked with an agent now so they can give you a heads-up when they hit, or follow us on Instagram because we only post deals that are the best of the best there!

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