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Our Favorite Reasons To Leave Your Knox/Henderson Apartment!

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Smart City
May 26, 2017

Finding a reason to get out of your Knox/Henderson apartment is easy because there’s so much to do in this thriving and approachable neighborhood. We love putting people here who are new to the Dallas area. We also love putting people here who are sick of going out in the same places and are ready to branch out into a new scene. Knox/Henderson is trendy without the obnoxious crowd that usually chases that “trendy” vibe. We think you should live in Knox/Henderson because the apartments there are awesome, but the reasons to leave those apartments are almost better.


Oh man, get yourself ready. Sling your work stuff into your room and head to this Henderson staple before 7pm for some great deals on sushi. Don’t make the mistake of missing the Henderson roll, it is fried, cream cheese goodness that doubles in price at 7:01. Their signature drinks are half off on the happy hour menu too! One of the best things about loving your Dallas neighborhood and finding those places with great happy hours means not having to worry about the trek home since you can walk a few blocks and be right back in your apartment!


This Austin transplant is perfect for the newly acquainted Dallas transplant. Being able to walk to bars from your new place is really fun, but being able to walk to coffee is arguably just as great. What an amenity to have walkable access to a carbonated, bottled cold brew straight from ATX or their Japanese-style cold brew! A great place to grab a cup of wake-me-up or a good resource for a laptop out/get stuff done sesh.


When it’s 3am and you’re heading home from wherever, all it takes is that one friend suggesting tacos to get the whole group stuck on the idea. Velvet Taco is the answer to all of your taco needs, day and night. Open ’til at least midnight each night and 4am on the weekends, there will hardly ever be a time where you aren’t just a few blocks away from yummy goodness.

If you are interested in leasing an apartment nearby all of this and more, give us a call or text at 214-586-0519 or fill out one of our apartment search forms for more info and to set up a tour today!


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