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Pro Decorating Tips To Make A Studio Apartment Feel More Spacious

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Jul 19, 2019

According to recent data, “studio” was the second most popular term used in apartment searches on Google last year, and we definitely get it! Renting a studio apartment boasts some great benefits: less furniture needed to fill the space, more opportunity to live in your fav neighborhood while staying in budget, a reason to apply that Marie Kondo method, your bed is also your couch )and dining room table) – the list goes on and on. 

With as many benefits as studios bring, let’s be real: making that “efficient” amount of space feel more spacious is at the forefront of decorating efforts! Well, we asked Texas-based certified interior decorator and party stylist, Chári Herndon for her best tips and tricks to make a studio feel more spacious, and she gave some super easy decorating advice. In a hurry? Just skim the bolded bits so you can get to decorating!

Top five tips, as told by the pro herself:

  1. Utilize vertical space as much as possible. Incorporate a bookshelf or mounted wall shelves to take up less space.”
  2. “Larger heavier furniture will make a small room look cramped and take up way too much space. Instead, add pieces with exposed legs. When you can see the floor in a space, it tricks the eye and gives the space a more open look.”
  3. “Don’t be afraid to use pops of color. Adding a bit of color will liven up the room. Adding a colorful area rug, throw pillows, or artwork can bring so much personality to a smaller space. Balance the colors and patterns with a mix of neutrals. Keep in mind that too much color and/or patterns, in a smaller room, can be overwhelming. It’s important to have a balanced mix.”
  4. Invest in a furniture piece that is versatile. My entertainment console has tons of hidden storage space. I use it for concealing extra throw blankets and my essentials for entertaining.” 
  5. Go with a light neutral wall color to make the space look brighter and larger. My apartment walls are a light gray, which I absolutely love!”

Chari hanging photo 1    Verticals 1    Chairs

A few years ago, Chári and her husband uprooted from Florida and moved to Texas, and most recently downsized into a smaller apartment. Her best tip for anyone moving into a new space is to bring a tape measure when touring. She found that helped her make decorating decisions early in the apartment hunting process based on if what she currently owned would fit. It also let her know if she could cut down the amount of furniture she had to move.


Looking to entertain even though space is limited? 

No worries! Chári tells us how she transforms her quaint space into the perfect place to host:

“I love to entertain so I had to get creative with my furniture,” she shared. “You can comfortably entertain in your home, even if you have a small space. You just have to be smart about your furniture choices!” 

One tip Chári shared is to ixnay the typical couch and loveseat combination

“In my living room, I chose to add two side chairs and two small stools, instead of a loveseat. This created the addition of four seats, when a loveseat would have only given me two.”

With this tip, and including her three kitchen bar stools, Chári can comfortably seat 10 people in their 12’x16’ living space.


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Click here for a complete tour of Chári’s new apartment, or find out more about her work here!

Photo credit: Photographer, Arzu Vargas.

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