Smart City Is Making Big Waves: Pre-Sale Edition

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Smart City
Apr 26, 2018

Every day, we are doing BIG things at Smart City to ensure that you find a space to be yourself all while getting the very best deals on apartments all over DFW! If you follow our Instagram account (which you absolutely should, especially if you like saving money and having fun), then you know it’s definitely where the magic happens because of our SMART CITY INSTA DEALS!! We post the best apartment prices we find and negotiate on our Instagram for all of our followers to see, love, and lease! Cheetahs can go as fast as 75MPH and because our following is over 76,000 amazing people, so can our Insta deals!! Some units have leased in less than an hour after posting, so being ahead of the curve is crucial to snag these major savings (pro tip: turn on post notifications for our account so that you get alerted as soon as we post!).

But we’ve got something new happening at Smart City to provide all of you with even better service in finding the apartment of your dreams–introducing our pre-sale program! Our agents are giving out the details to some of our biggest negotiated deals TWO DAYS before it goes live on Instagram to their active clients! Having a two-day head start is the best way to snag a fantastic deal without worrying that it’s going to be leased out from under you. The savings are big, the advantage is huge, and the pre-leasing program is here to stay.

Remember that major deal we did two weeks ago when we first mentioned and tested our pre-sale program?  Check out some of the stats from that feature and see just how MAJOR it was.

No agent? No problem! Join the Apartment Revolution and become a part of our pre-sale program by texting or calling us at 214-586-0519, or by filling out the apartment search form and we’ll hook you up with a licensed Smart City agent! A real person will text or call you back within 15 minutes (during biz hours) to make sure you’re getting a completely personalized experience. No computerized list generators here; just taco loving, hard-working individuals doing everything to make apartment hunting fun and easy for you–FOR FREE!

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