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Split It: How To Share Treats

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Jan 21, 2019

kitchen with food

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If you’ve ever googled, “How to share a kitchen with your roommate”, you probably read articles on sharing chores. Not many of these articles talk about the most important part – treats. From sharing food, to cooking food, we’re breaking down the top three kitchen rules for roommates when it comes to food and sharing it.

1. Roommate food sharing list

food list

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It may seem petty, but creating a roommate food sharing list is a total must. This is a list of kitchen treats that are shareable between all in the apartment. Things not included in this list are clearly off limits. If this is unclear for some reason, create a separate, “Do Not Touch” list. Place these lists on the fridge and pantry. While labeling your items help, having a “Sorry I Touched It” money jar can help you and your roommates stay accountable during times temptation takes over.

2. Roommate cooking schedule

sharing cooking schedues

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One chef in the kitchen is great, two chefs in the kitchen can start to feel claustrophobic and we all know what they say about threes. Scheduling or asking for meal prep/cooking time in the kitchen can help reduce many kitchen catastrophes.

3. Sharing a fridge with roommates

sharing the fridge

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This may be the most important rule of them all. Considered the holy place for all things cold and stored, the fridge. Remember these three things when it comes to sharing the fridge. If it smells foul, throw it away. If it’s growing legs, throw it away. If it looks weird, ask.


Sharing a kitchen can be tough. Sharing food can be more tough. Whether your roommates and you have it all figured out or if you’re still figuring it out, we can help you find an apartment with great kitchens! Fill out our webform or call/text 713-482-1323 to start your sharable kitchen apartment search today!

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