Sweat in Style: 3 Apartment Gyms We Love

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Miranda Vilchis
May 9, 2024

Gym memberships come with loads of hidden fees, and let’s be real, who’s got the time to trek 15+ minutes to the closest chain gym, just to battle it out with the gym bros during peak hours? You might as well make the most of that amenity fee on your monthly bill, and get your sweat on in the comfort of your own home. Here are three on-site apartment gyms that are perfect for entering your health era.

1.) River District: Units starting at $1098

River District Apartment Gym
River District Apartment Gym. Photo taken from property website

This two-story gym towers over the property’s entrance and is just one of three over-the-top amenities. Still not impressed? The complex is situated right on the edge of the Trinity River Trails—perfect if outdoor workouts and long runs are more your thing.


2.) Haslet: Units starting at $1286

Haslet Apartment Gym
Haslet Apartment Gym. Photo taken from property website

After many nights spent enjoying the snack bar in the movie room, you may feel compelled to visit their split-level gym, which offers a variety of machinery and equipment, including a fully functioning yoga room. Remember, the diversity of exercise options is just as crucial as the exercise itself!


3.) Alliance: Units starting at $1261

Alliance Apartment Gym
Alliance Apartment Gym. Photo taken from property website

While the nearest gyms to this complex are about a 10-minute drive away, Fitness Evolved is only open for certain class times, and the other is a Jazzercise studio. Fortunately for you, there is a state-of-the-art fitness center equipped with an upper deck cycle studio just downstairs. Because let’s face it: cycling is life, not Jazzercise.

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