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SXSW Tips & Tricks (To Make You Look And Feel Like A Pro!)

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Mar 14, 2019

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SXSW is officially here and let’s be honest, it gets CRAZY in Austin! Some of you who are newer to the area may not know exactly what this ten day craze fest is all about; the best way to explain it is as a big collaboration of music, interactive media, film, conferences, and so much more. Think of SXSW as a vast industry showcase in Austin with exclusive artists and speakers from all over the world and surprise shows at various venues all packed into two weeks. We know SXSW can be daunting and pricey! So we’re here to help you become the expert!

#1 Pro Tip:

Don’t bother overspending on a badge or wristband! For the most part, SXSW is first-come-first-serve, meaning if a venue or bar is at capacity you will still wait in line like everyone else. There are so many events you can RSVP to, and for FREE! Unless someone is giving you a badge or wristband for free, we def recommend taking it! Regardless of how you get in, discovering artists you’ve never seen before and having a good time is the Austin way of doing things!

#2 Pro Tip:

Nothing is guaranteed and everything is super spontaneous and last minute! Which is why we recommend keeping up with social media accounts. Twitter and specific Instagram accounts such as@WhereWhenWhatAustin and @SXSW to get the inside scoop on last minute shows and events.

#3 Pro Tip:

Wear comfortable clothing and shoes! Leave the heels at home and trade them in for something you know you can stand in for hours! You will be sweating, walking, and if you’re attending the music portion, you’ll be dancing all day long, we can pretty much guarantee it. For those who aren’t familiar with the infamous “South By Weather” (and how amazing it is) it typically warms up during the afternoon and cools down at night!

#4 Pro Tip:

Plan ahead! The amount of people in Austin doubles during SXSW, and with the way the city is designed, it’s easy to get stuck in some pretty insane traffic. We recommend taking a pedi-cab, walking, or biking to avoid the cars and ride shares that will be flooding the city. Not to mention, ride share fares can almost double during this time!

#5 Pro Tip:

We don’t mean to sound like your parents, but make sure to stay well hydrated and drink plenty of H20! Also if you plan on being out and about during the day, load up on those carbs for breakfast to ensure you have energy! There are tons of delicious food trucks and cool spots to eat at in Austin, but pack snacks if you have zero chill for waiting in long lines.


To sum it all up, SXSW is about learning new things, meeting new people, and discovering artists; so have fun with it! Enjoy the weather and experience part of what makes Austin, Austin!

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