The 4 Best Dive Bars In Austin

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May 29, 2017

Sometimes, it’s fun to just throw on an ugly sweatshirt and treat yourself to a drink at a bar where no one knows you. And what better place to do that at than at a dive bar. They’re dark, smoky and illuminated by a string of Christmas lights. Austin has some of the best bars in Texas so why not check out the dive bars as well? Here are our 4 favorite dive bars in Austin!

G&S Lounge in South Austin

This place is a serious dive. From the outside, the neighborhood bar looks like it closed down years ago. Once you’re inside, it’s a little more inviting. It’s well stocked with a great selection of liquor and an even better selection of beers, both on tap and in the bottle. This is the place to be if you want to dive head first into the dive bar scene. You’ll probably even run into some dogs who roam the area. FUN!

Hard Luck Lounge in East Austin

Even though the east side neighborhoods of Austin are rapidly changing, Hard Luck has still managed to remain a dive bar in the area. We love to grab a beer and enjoy the backyard been garden when they have live music. This place is seriously divey because they basically have a juke box and a pool table and that’s it.

Ego’s in SoCo

If you’re near downtown, stumbling over to Ego’s might be a good option on a Friday night. Ego’s is located just across the bridge from downtown and tucked under a parking garage. It’s hard to miss if you aren’t really looking for it! Go for the karaoke and end up staying for the drinks. Sounds like an ideal night to us!

Deep Eddy Cabaret in Tarrytown

This place has been a dive in Austin for 65 years! Plus, it’s named after Deep Eddy Pool that’s located behind the bar. If that doesn’t signal dive bar, I don’t know what is. Deep Eddy Cabaret plays up the nostalgic, comfy vibe with a hodgepodge of pictures, posters, and beer signs. It’s so dark, you won’t even need to worry about all the embarrassing things you did the night before! That sounds like a good deal to us!


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