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The 4 Best Queso Spots In Austin!

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Smart City
May 29, 2017

Queso is basically its own food group. We don’t think it really falls within the appetizer group because we are probably ordering an appetizer after we finish our queso. There have been numerous occasions where we’ve gone too hard on the queso (because it’s delicious) and then have not been able to eat our actual meal! #firstworldproblems.

Here is our list of the 4 best queso spots in Austin:


Chances are, you’ve been here before if you’re a local. Torchy’s Tacos green chili queso is one of our favorites on the list. It is thick, chunky and has green chilies, cilantro and it’s deliciously topped with queso fresco and diablo sauce. We go get some almost every day.

Kerby Lane Café

If you want queso at any hour of the day, Kerby Lane Café is it for you. Their cowboy questo is a heaping scoop of guacamole that is covered in a light, silky pool of queso, followed by black beans, and topped off with pico de gallo. The cheese is on the thinner side, but the flavor is so good, and the other ingredients make the whole thing amazing.

Fado Irish Pub

Fado Irish Pub may be pouring up pints, but when it’s time to eat, do yourself a favor and go for their cheese dip & wedges. The cheese dip is made with an interesting blend of white cheddar, pepper jack cheese, and green onions that make a delicious combo.

Texas Chili Parlor

Texas Chili Parlor is a classic joint in Austin so if you want some life-changing queso, you need to hit them up. The queso is mixed with thick chunks of chili meat so it’s basically a full meal that includes protein. That’s called being an adult!


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