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The Best Apartment Pools in Dallas

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Smart City
Jul 19, 2018

Have you always dreamed of living in a sweet apartment with the best views, but most of all a kickass pool?! Us too! Especially right now, because let’s be honest… it’s 108 degrees today and we’re all suffocating.

We searched high and low and talked to all of our people to find the best pools in Dallas. Check it out and let us know which one is your fav!



Photo Cred – The Ascent

Nothing beats this infinity pool that overlooks the AAC.

The Ascent pool in Victory Park is one of Dallas’ newest and wow does it blow us away. Invite us over if you move here, please and thanks.




Photo Cred – Preston Hollow Village FB

Fire pit + a pool? Cool, we’re in. (but we may wait until December..)

The best of all worlds. Live, work, and play in Preston Hollow while soaking up some rays in their massive pool.


555 ROSS

Dallas luxury apartment pools

Phot Cred – 555 Ross FB

Pools are good, rooftop pools in downtown Dallas are better!

With an incredible view of the skyline, outdoor kitchens, and entertainment lounge, 555 Ross is begging to host an epic party–especially after the sun goes down!



Dallas luxury apartment pools

Phot Cred – The Brady

If we’re talking pools, cabana is one of our favorite words (besides pizza-slice-pool-floaty, of course).

It might not come with poolside beverage service, but the personal cabanas and tanning ledge at the Brady give us serious high-roller, resort vibes.



Dallas luxury apartment pools

Photo Cred – AMLI Design FB

Get ready for some swanky entertainment at Amli Design.

The rooftop pool is accompanied by sweeping, panoramic views of downtown, a fire pit, several grills, and a giant out door movie screen. This is everything slumber party dreams are made of!



Dallas luxury apartment pools

Phot Cred – Skyhouse

It’s time to phone up Drake, because #VIEWS.

This gorgeous high-rise is reppin’ a rooftop, saltwater pool and outdoor terrace complete with TVs and a fireplace that turns the hustle and bustle of downtown into an urban oasis.



Dallas luxury apartment pools

Phot Cred – The Taylor

Modeled after a boutique hotel, this Uptown high-rise focuses on lavish sophistication and leisure. #bcfancy

With a poolside terrace and a fancy rain-like water feature, social lounge, and fire pit, coming home to cool down at the Taylor’s water retreat can feel a lot like going on a vacation.


So, which of these pools have you been to and which ones have made your summer bucket list?

Holla at us and let’s get you hooked up with one of these apartments (and duh, their pools) before summer ends. Oh, you can also text us: 214-586-0519

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