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The Best CFS In ATX!

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Smart City
May 29, 2017

There are very few things better than Southern cooking to Texans. Chicken-fried steak is a staple in Southern cooking that should NEVER be looked over. Because who doesn’t want their steak deep-fried and covered in peppered gravy? When you need your CFS fix, here are some spots you need to hit!

Gourdough’s Public House in the South Lamar District

Gourdough’s may be known for its artery-clogging donuts, but they also sell one amazing chicken-fried steak. Gourdough’s makes a hand-battered steak with a potato pancake and thick, white gravy, and tops it off with cranberry-habanero jam. Oh, and it’s all conveniently laying on a donut. A donut. The end.

Lucy’s Fried Chicken in Allandale/South Congress

The chicken-fried steak is a fairly regular special at Lucy’s Fried Chicken. The batter is always golden and the cream gravy is always piled high. Depending on which location you go to, you’ll find different styles of chicken fried steak! But you know the batter will be golden and the cream gravy will be plentiful.

Red’s Porch in South Lamar District

Red’s Porch is a great place to patio and eat a delicious chicken-fried steak. They come out massive and coated in incredible bacon gravy. You get bacon & horseradish mashed potatoes, or you can go for the green chile mac & cheese.


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