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The Most Unbelievable Bar Food In Dallas!

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Smart City
May 26, 2017

Fancy meals and expensive drinks are fabulous but what about a cool bar that ALSO has fantastic food? That’s a mythical unicorn we need to know about. And luckily for you, we know of all the best bar food in Dallas. Sure, you can go to a nice restaurant and have a fabulous meal and a lovely glass of wine, but why not just follow our entire run down of all the best bar food spots in Dallas?!

Cosmo’s Bar & Lounge Lakewood

The food at Cosmo’s Bar is pretty legendary and so are the decorations! They have a no-frills Vietnamese sandwich that is beyond delicious every Monday night. Just try to ignore the retro movie posters and VHS movies playing on loop when you walk in.


The Libertine Bar in Lower Greenville

The Libertine Bar continues to be a beacon of sanity, good beers, and better food in a sea of not as noteworthy bars. Their brunch is the most exciting menu they offer and will easily make your Sunday naps so much more enjoyable. Plus, they have a really fun, eclectic crowd that will entice you to stay.


Small Brewpub in Oak Cliff

If you’re looking for a knock out menu, look no further than Small Brewpub. Their ever-changing menu has everything from chicken feet to pickle boards to pâtés. Their innovation hasn’t gone unnoticed and their drinks are equally as delicious. Their drink menu comes from a 1920s mixology book so you know they’re classicly yummy and worth the price.


Louie’s on Henderson Avenue

Louie’s is most famous for its “Waukegan-style” thin-crust pizza, the brainchild of the brothers who opened the bar back in the early 1980s. Louie’s is old school and when you walk in, you feel like you’re surrounded by friend. Friends who happen to be obsessed with Chicago sports teams.


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