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The Top 5 Apartment Amenities That Dallas Renters Really Want

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Smart City
Aug 2, 2018

Amenities are a big deal in the apartment world. In fact, I may or may not know someone who was convinced to apply at a specific complex because the on-site gym equipment boasted the same leather that Ferrari uses; also, that person may or may not have been me. Regardless, some major perks of living at an apartment instead of a house are the included AMENITIES.

In a recent effort to get a leg up on other properties, developers have been getting creative with the added benefits. We wanted to know which apartment features y’all think are worth it, considering that renters are the ones actually paying for them in the long run. After asking our people and doing some digging, we put together a quick list of the top five amenities that add true value to an apartment. Check it out and let us know if you agree!


A clean and well lit place to bring your four-legged friend to frolic around, take care of business and roll in the dirt (WITHOUT HAVING TO LOAD HIM IN THE CAR AFTERWARDS) is practically non-negotiable.

Dallas dog park

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A big gym with new, well cared for equipment (including more than one squat rack) saves cash and the commute for the gym rats–extra karma points if there’s a yoga studio.

Dallas gym

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In case you weren’t aware, Texas is really f*ckin’ hot, so the only good reason to be outside in the Summer is to post up at a cool, refreshing pool. Preferably one that’s big enough to comfortably fit more than eight people without the fear of getting pelted in the head by that frat guy’s Nerf football (lookin’ at you Chad!).

dallas pool


Having a safe place to leave your car is not only convenient but V reassuring. Plus, nothing’s worse than circling the block ten times looking for parking when you really need to get inside and use the bathroom. Oh yeah, and golf ball sized hail falls from the sky sometimes, so a lot just won’t cut it.

parking garage

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*cracks open a cold one*

No, not that kind. We’re talkin’ nice, big windows that welcome the sun and turn your apartment into a plant-filled, Pinterest dream and perfect selfie studio.

dallas windows apartments

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Developers are human too and sometimes miss the mark. Here’s a quick list of amenities we’ve never seen anyone use–just for fun!

  • BUSINESS CENTER. For real, have you EVER used one?
  • COFFEE BAR. Nice in theory, but not actually useful if it means putting in the work to get dressed and head down to the lobby where you’ll wait for 3 minutes making awkward eye contact with strangers as the Starbucks machine fills your cup only half full.
  • GOLF SIMULATOR/PUTTING GREEN. We’re convinced that only one guy has ever gone out of his way to publicly humiliate himself in front of the entire apartment community by playing simulation golf. Sure, a putting green is cool but we’d rather have a dog park.
  • ON-SITE KITCHEN. Who tf wants to bring all their cooking utensils, food, spices, dishes, etc. down to a public space when EVERY apartment comes with a kitchen?

things ppl don't want in an apartment

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Everyone has their own amenity desires, so if you need help finding a kick ass apartment, with the amenities of your choice, fill out a webform or call/text us, 214-586-0519.



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