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Top 6 Reasons To Move In The Fall & Winter

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Smart City
Aug 26, 2017

People say that spring is all about new beginnings and fresh starts, but over here at Smart City we beg to differ. Fall and winter are put on the back burner in terms of best seasons to move, but if you have the flexibility to do so, this is actually the hottest time to start anew. Moving in the winter, especially in Dallas (compared to places like, oh, say Minnesota with their lovely negative-10 winters), is a breeze compared to the steamier months of the year, and we’d like to tell you why! 

1) Demand is lower:

The apartment industry is cyclical. Everyone gets out of college or moves out of mom and pop’s place between spring and summer, and most often, they’ll sign a 12-month lease at their favesies property, paying lots of money for a unit that is probably 10 percent cheaper come wintertime. See what we mean? Then, their lease ends a year later and they either renew another 12-month lease or sign a different one somewhere else, allowing demand to continue surging throughout the spring and summer.

(TIP: If this sounds an awful lot like you, a way to get out of the higher-rent cycle is to sign a 15-month lease next time your renewal comes around, because A) 15-month leases are typically cheaper and B) It will end in fall, probably, therefore letting you hop on the more affordable, lower-demand leases.)

2) Packing is way more fun:

No one wants to pack up their life’s belongings when the thermostat reads a hundred and ten and it’s humid AF outside. No one. But consider this: Cranking up the John Legend Pandora station, lighting a couple pumpkin spice candles, filling up a few glasses of wine or popping open a couple brews, and inviting the best pals over to sort and fill a few boxes in the warmth of your soon-to-be-ex-abode. Such a good time! Much more enticing than knowing you’re missing out on brunch on a patio or poolside sipping in the summer, AMIRIGHT?

3) The very best specials:

Refer to Item Number 1. Due to trends and cycles and all that good stuff, apartment properties will offer sweet deals and specials because they need units leased up. Also, people just don’t like moving around the holidays, which leaves slick little you to snatch up killer offers. You’ll hear of things like, “Two months free!” or “Don’t pay rent until November 1st!” Follow our insta @smartcityapts for our favorite specials on the reg.

4) You’ll save money on utilities:

…Especially if you get into one of the many new properties that are absolutely flooding our area. Let me explain: Properties built after 2009 have upgraded insulation, making their energy efficiency skyrocket, therefore making your energy bills do the opposite of skyrocket. The properties built a while back, even the utmost upgraded amenity-wise apartments, can’t compete with brand new to a few years old AND cheap electricity bills. Move into these newbies. ‘Tis what we call a win-win.

5) Brand new properties opening so, so soon:

We love new properties. They’re shiny. They’re clean. They offer the best of the best in amenities. And you’ll be the first person to take a bath in that bathtub… They have cheaper bills (ahem, above). And they shamelessly want you to sign at them. We know about upwards of a dozen properties opening within the next few months who will be knocking down our doors to share their savvy rates and new property specials.

6) Not hot:

Not only do cooler temps make packing more enjoyable, but the move itself is so much more chill (do you see what I did there?). Your muscular friends will be more willing to help lift your couch and dining room table from your old home to the new, and it will be much simpler to find affordable moving companies to work with, since the fall and winter are their slower seasons. Need a moving co? Hit up your agent, they have the scoop on all the local companies.


The biggest perk of moving this Fall or Winter? We’re here to find your ideal new space with our knowledge of the coolest neighborhoods, rates, specials and our unique ability to cater to each individual client… For absolutely zero dollars whatsoever. Yes, Smart City is a free service. So, call / text us today at 214-586-0519 and we’ll get to working on finding your new home to move into this fall/winter season!

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