Top 9 Dallas Resources for a First-Time Renter

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May 7, 2019

Kara here, from Dallasites101. With Dallas-Fort Worth leading the nation in people relocations, there’s an average of 246 people moving here every day! Plus the graduation season is here, which makes for a lot of possible first-time renters.

We all know that Smart City Apartment Locating can help you find an awesome apartment and lease it at a great deal! Yet, beyond locating and leasing your apartment, there are a slew of stressful actions that renters need to take care of. Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered with our top 9 resources to help first-time renters!

furnished apartment1) Nickson Living

Did you get a great deal on your lease with help from Smart City Apartment Locating? Still, furnishing an apartment is expensive. There’s no way to get around it – you need a bed, couch, kitchen table and chairs, and kitchenware. Plus, you probably want more than just the necessities to furnish your apartment so it feels like home!

Lucky for you and your budget, Nickson Living can custom-design and fully-furnish your apartment with just one click. Plans start at $199 per month with 30-day free cancellations. You complete a survey to let Nickson know where and when you are moving, as well as your preferences for design. By furnishing your apartment with Nickson, you do not need to compromise on getting everything you want to make your apartment a home. Nickson will exceed your expectations by including artwork, TVs, mirrors, an Amazon echo, clothing hangers, and even that marble coffee table that you really want!

4347 West Northwest Hwy, Ste 130-358 | Dallas, TX 75220

Call: 855-NICKSON

Email: [email protected]

power to choose landing page

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2) Power to Choose

Every apartment building that we’ve moved into has required us to sign-up for an electricity plan before they’ve turned over the keys. It’s also something we always forget to do until the last-minute! Thankfully, Power to Choose lets you compare offers and choose the best electric plan for you in just a few minutes. The website is run by the Public Utility Commision of Texas. So, waiting until the last-minute does not mean you’ll have limited options and pay top-dollar!

man repairs bathroom sink

3) billyGO

If you have a plumbing or an air conditioning issue, you want that fixed fast. Download the DFW-based app billyGO for free, and you can book a service appointment immediately! You can track the technician’s status with a location map through the app. The tech will also send you his or her name and photo so you know who to expect. How much does this incredible convenience cost? You only pay a fixed, flat fee for the service so any extra time to fix the issue is not on your dime.

Call: 817-873-0717


woman mops floor

4) Modern Maids

A top-rated green cleaning service in Dallas (and Austin), Modern Maids makes it easy to book a trusted cleaner. You can book on your computer or download the app. When you hire a friend of a friend’s recommended cleaner, what you are paying for can be unclear. Modern Maids is completely transparent by listing “cleaning package checklists” so you know what will be tidied up! And follow Modern Maids on Instagram because they often share promo codes for discounted cleanings around holidays and special occasions! For $20.00 off your first cleaning use code “20MM” at checkout.


men move furniture

5) PickUpNow

Don’t have much to move? Well, we’ve got one more app for you to download. PICKUP is a same-day pick up and delivery service. They’ll pick up items from residential or retail. Their trucks are great for large items like furniture, mattresses, and big TVs; however, they cannot move super large and heavy items like pianos and refrigerators. Many of the movers are military veterans and first responders, so you know that there will be good guys helping you! Standard delivery within 10 miles and no stairs starts at $49.


Call 800-560-2168!

plants on a shelf

6) OASIS Plant Shop

Your home is your oasis! And OASIS plant shop’s promise is to “…help you create your own living OASIS in your space.” This shop has brought a jungle to Bishop Arts. You walk in and are surrounded by plants, on all the walls, ceiling and floor! They offer plant installations, selecting and placing the perfect plants for your home or business.  You can also opt for plant rentals, if you just need to add some green to your space or event for a short time! Lastly, worried about keeping your plant friends alive? You can host a plant party at OASIS to create, learn and grow!

416 W. Eighth Street | Dallas, TX 75208

Call: 972-773-9989

Email: [email protected]

farmer's market

7) Cox Farms Market

You have an apartment, so it’s time to truly “adult” and fill your fridge with groceries. We’re not saying you have to cook, but please be better than a 6-pack of beer and a bottle of hot sauce! Cox Farms Market has been around for over 20 years and is a family owned and operated, all-natural grocery store. There are two locations, with the original in Duncanville and the other at Sylvan | Thirty in West Dallas. We shop at the Sylvan | Thirty location and around every corner and in every aisle are local foods! From cheese to meats to coffee to vegetables to granola to tamales to dips… Cox Farms Market goes above and beyond to put DFW products on their shelves.

778 Fort Worth Ave, Suite G-100 | Dallas, TX 75208

Call: (214) 748-8851

welcome mat

8) DiceCubeCo

A personalized welcome mat is essentially the “cherry on top” to a furnished apartment. Dallas-based Etsy Shop, DiceCubeCo offers several made-to-order doormats. There’s the classic “hello” in cursive, a work & wine mat that speaks to us, and the option to personalize your own! This is a great gift idea for anyone who you know might be moving too!


laundry cleaning sign9)

9) Sunshine Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Established in 1941, Sunshine Laundry and Dry Cleaning has been a family-owned and operated laundry and dry cleaning company for 70 years! They’ve stayed in businesses for a good reason… they offer top-quality services for commercial and residential, including alterations. You can set-up pick up and delivery too, so go ahead and cross-off dry cleaning from your to-do list forever! They’re open every day except Sundays.

Call: 214-521-9921

4114 Maple Ave | Dallas, TX 75219


Hopefully, being a first-time renter feels more exciting than it does scary now! These resources will help you go from signing a lease to sleeping with peace at night in your new, plant-filled apartment with functioning air conditioning and a full fridge. If you haven’t found your apartment just yet, be sure to connect with Smart City to get FREE, hyper-personalized help with your search from an expert agent.


Written by Kara Shannon of Dallasites101

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