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Top Three Houston Neighborhoods Perfect For Public Transit Users

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Smart City
Apr 1, 2019

Whether you’re a seasoned Houstonian or shiny “Newstonian,” you know that navigating the roads of this massive city can be crazy-chaotic and nerve-wracking, yet public transportation can just as widespread as the city itself.

Living in neighborhoods that are public transport hubs offers some road-time remedy and more cost-effective/eco-friendly travel options. And let’s be real – if it’s good for the people and for Mother Nature, it’s definitely a win-win! So, here are the top three Houston neighborhoods that have the most dynamic transportation options:


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The hustle and bustle of Downtown Houston can be over stimulating, to say the least; especially during peak travel times. Navigating all the one-way streets can send you in never-ending circles. Tack that on to an already-time-consuming commute, and your day’s practically gone!

Living in Downtown gives you a handful of options to ditch the car and high garage parking costs, and hop on a free bus or the METRORail. Did someone say “free?” Yepp! Greenlink buses powered by METRO, run two different routes around Downtown Houston, circulating every 10 minutes.

The Green Route runs Monday – Friday, from 6:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. and takes riders from the Discovery Green, over to Capitol Street, down Smith, and back up Dallas toward the George R. Brown Convention Center. This route is perfect for your workday run-around, or seeing your dog in the middle of the day in a super timely manner!

The Orange Route runs until midnight Monday – Saturday and until 6 p.m. Sunday. This route runs from the Toyota Center, over to the Theater District and around Historic Market Square, then back toward Discovery Green.

Want to get to another area of town, outdoor parks and running trails, medical facilities or amazing shopping? No problem there, METRO buses have a low $1.25 fare each way with multiple stop options. The Downtown Transit Center METRORail stop is just blocks away from the Central Stations stop where you can access all three rail lines. We’re going for efficiency, here, people!

If you travel often for work, or just want to get away for the weekend and not have to deal with airport parking and shuttling, catch a METRO airport commuter bus from multiple locations around Downtown! Just hop on the 102 Bush IAH Express (IAH) or the 73 Bellfort (Hobby Airport) – Done and done. As you can tell, METRO will be your partner-in-crime when living in Downtown.

Snagging yourself a Downtown apartment yet? Whether you work in Downtown or just love amazing high-rises with the most lavish (and affordable) amenities and absolutely best views, this is a hot transportation-savvy Houston neighborhood for you!

Greenlink Orange Route Map

Greenlink Green Route Map


Everyone knows Midtown – whether you frequent the area often or you’ve sworn it off per a New Year’s resolution or post-college bar-hopping shun. Either way, it’s hard to deny that Midtown is centrally located to almost all types of establishment desired. It’s walking distance from all the food options you can imagine, and amazing happy hour and margarita options too. Living in Midtown offers you a plentiful amount of METRO bus stops, sure, but it also offers you the option of using public share bikes.

Say what! Weather can be hit or miss in Houston, but we all know what that perfect Houston day feels like; so instead of hopping on a bus, grab a bike and peddle away! B-Cycle stations are sprinkled all over Midtown and you can locate and book available bikes through their mobile app! A 30-minute ride time runs you about $3, or a $9 monthly membership gets you unlimited hour-long rides ($5 if you’re a student or local Houston college staff member).

Biking can really take it out of you, so after you complete your Tour de Midtown, hit up a local happy hour (there are a ton)! “But I don’t have my car…” You’re good! Have that second margarita because there’s The Wave – a Houston “fixed rate, fixed route” jitney circulating shuttle service. It’s $8 one-way, or $15 to ride to any and all destinations along the fixed routes, just call or download the app! Ready to plan your Midtown move?


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The Medical Center/ South Main

Living in the Houston Medical Center offers you cost-effective living options and all the public transport you could want. The METRORail will be your best friend. Ride the red line south to a Texans game at NRG Stadium, or north to see a show in the Theater District or get to your class at The University of Houston Downtown. With stops located right outside your door and trips only costing $1.25/ ride, the options are endless!

There’s also a METRO Transit Center conveniently located on Fannin near Pressler St. Venture to this transportation hub and get almost anywhere in Houston! Have family or friends in the burbs? Hop on a Park & Ride bus from the Transit Center and get as far out as Kingwood, Cypress, Friendswood or Baytown. See ride schedules and buy your trip passes on the METRO app!

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So, can you live in the Houston area without having a car? That is still up for debate. You can, however, choose to live in areas of Houston that are major public transportation hubs, eliminating time stuck in “carmageddon” traffic and promoting eco-friendlier city travel.

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