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Using A Smart City Locator – The ‘Why’ And ‘How’

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Smart City
Jun 18, 2019

Looking for an apartment can be stressful and it’s important to set your search expectations early on in the process, which means answering a ton of questions. What’s achievable within my budget? What’s most important – budget, location or unit finishes? Where are the best deals? Can I afford washer and dryer in-unit, or what about hardwood floors? Where can me and my huge dog live? The list goes on and on!

Today we’ve set out to answer one specific question you might be asking as you prepare to move: Why use a Smart City locator?

Well, you wouldn’t go to an eye doctor for a foot examination would you?! Heck no, you would go to a specialist! That’s us- we’re the apartment specialists, and we’re FREE!

**Want the spark-noted version? Just skim the bold bits (no offense taken).**

Smart City Squad

We’re real people!

No computer-generated search options here! Instead, you’re connected to a real person who lives, works and plays in Houston! Our agents are some serious neighborhood and market experts who deliver unique apartment searches based on your needs and your priorities! “Real” also means we keep it absolutely 100 with you. We aren’t about setting fake expectations. Plus, we collaborate like crazy – If you ask your agent something, you ask the table of 10+ other agents sitting with them. Nothing is done in a vacuum, so you’re always receiving optimal information.

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We’ve got the 4-1-1!!

Apartment Possible, what’s the sitch? We WANT to know what’s most important to you! Have a pet? (send pics pls). Want to be close to your job or your favorite hang out spot? Are amenities like a pool and a 24-hr fitness center a must? You’ll want to reach out to us 60-75 days before your current lease (or mom’s generous lending of her basement) is up. That gives us the perfect amount of time to take everything that’s important to you and match it with current market rates so that when you tour you’re ready to lease. Need to move sooner? We’re fluent in “I need to move yesterday,” so no worries!


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Most importantly, WE CARE.

Seriously, we do. All of our agents are real, Houston locals who know the city like the back of their hands, and working around our mission to connect people with the space to be themselves! If you’re ideal apartment is out there, we’re going to find it. Direct message us through FaceBook or Instagramcall/ text us at 713-482-1323 or fill out a webform to get hooked up with your own Smart City agent and start your search; Literally, it’s that easy!

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