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Smart City
Aug 14, 2019

This morning, Inc. Magazine released its annual list of America’s most successful companies – Inc. 5000. Of the 5000 companies nominated, we’re proud to announce that Smart City ranked in at number 670 and 24th in our industry! Since 2015, we’ve seen a growth rate of more than 650 percent; which is significantly above average according to Inc. magazine’s list.

We’re honored to be recognized as one of America’s most successful, privately owned companies and excited to continue growing like crazy–this is just the beginning!

Photo courtesy of Inc. Magazine

How’d we get here?

Smart City was founded on the fact that it is possible to have both autonomy and top-tier service when it comes to business. It goes to show that belief in what you do, living in possibility and surrounding yourself with overachievers can be the perfect equation for reaching success. In an interview with Voyage Dallas, Smart City Founder, CEO and fearless leader, Cassie Brown, said that success comes from setting hard goals and destroying them.

“It’s continuously learning, being open to new ideas and staying curious,” she explained in the interview. “Success is the fulfillment of the people around me, and most importantly, it’s the idea that I woke up this morning and didn’t have to go to work, but I did anyway because I wanted to.”

Our growth is greatly due to the fact that we each play a part in maintaining the belief that our clients aren’t just an email, and we’re not just apartment locators. When it comes down to it, we’re dead-set and damn good at sticking to our mission of simplifying and personalizing the apartment locating experience for our clients, and people have really responded to that.

Other Texas-based companies who made the Inc. 5000 list alongside us include Cece’s Veggie Co. from Austin (#3), and SIA Solutions from Houston (#53). We’re beyond privileged to be listed amongst these insanely impressive companies, and find motivation seeing their massive developments!

We’re hiring!

Our team is comprised of a diverse mix of personality types and life experiences but becomes totally unified by our innate drive to help people. Not a single Smart City teammate would deny that we work A LOT, but it’s mostly because we love what we do. Our interviews often reflect behaviors over experience; our clients often become friends and our office vibes mimic those of coffee shop entrepreneurs on the brink of greatness.

If anything about our growth, purpose and/or culture resonates with you and you’re feeling like it’s time to explore a professional adventure, check out some of our open positions below:

You can also head over to our careers page for even more opportunities!


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