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Where To Rent A Washer & Dryer For Your Apartment

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Sarah Wuenscher
Jan 31, 2023

In unit-laundry is one of the top must-have features we see on our clients’ apartment wishlists, and we totally get why. Once you’ve experienced the luxury of being able to quickly throw a load in and only have it disrupt your life for like ~5 minutes, it’s hard to go back to having a designated laundromat day. But if you’re on the hunt for a new place and find an otherwise perfect apartment that comes with W+D connections but no machines, don’t X it off your list quite yet. While outright buying a laundry setup can be a major hassle if you aren’t staying in one place for longer than a lease term, there’s an alternative solution that you’re already familiar with — renting!

Depending on your move date, lease length, location, and connection type (gas will be a little more expensive than electric), you can typically secure a quote that sits somewhere around $60-$100/mo, but we recommend shopping around with multiple companies to get the best deal. Considering this means a pro is handling the heavy lifting for delivery, installation, and pickup, many say it’s well worth it to build this cost into their budget when looking for apartments.

We recommend (and can get you a sweet discount with):


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Nickson Living

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If you’re relocating soon, there’s more where these discount codes came from. On top of our team helping you connect utilities and WiFi, we partner with cleaners, handymen, furniture/appliance rental companies, and more to get you the very best deals.

Check out our full list of partners and discounts here!

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