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Where You Should Live Based On Your Fav Social Media!

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Smart City
May 26, 2017

You know what gets a bad rap? First, Kim Kardashian (but that’s a blog for another day), and two, social media. At this point, we all know social media is here to stay, and it’s pretty freakin’ awesome. We can all communicate, learn, and share with people all over the world through so many different avenues; and your preferred method may say a lot about you! We’re channeling Buzzfeed over here — here’s a list of the neighborhoods you should be living in based on your fav social media. This is a really scientific list, y’all.


Facebook was the hot sister of Myspace, but now she’s all grown up and really just mainly concerned with keeping in touch with family and staying at least a little on top of the latest news or memes. If Facebook is your main thing, then you’re probably too busy and don’t care too much to give people a regular play-by-play of your life. Like, you’re cool, but you’re past your raging days. We totally get it. North Dallas is probably the neighborhood for you, because you want to be in that happy medium between city life and suburban life! Our fav North Dallas property is in the perfect location because even though you’re more north of the city, you are conveniently located next to two major highways, so you can get downtown or to the ‘burbs in just a few quick minutes!  They even have some units with attached private yards, so hit us up if you have a pupper that would love that!

Dallas luxury apartments1

Studios starting at $1,125, one bedrooms starting at $1,290, and two bedrooms starting at $1,861.


Life. Is. Happening. You are constantly on the go and you’ve got a million things to do, but you love it. That’s why you love Twitter, because people just need to hear about the hilarious ish you get into on a daily basis and you love to hear about what your friends are doing, too. You’ve got only a few minutes between one meeting to the next, so Twitter is perfect for those looking for something quick and happening. You’re probably so into Uptown if you love Twitter, because you just want something to always be going on! From restaurants to bars to hundreds of small businesses, all of your needs are met in Uptown. Our favorite Uptown property is right off the Katy Trail with beautiful finish-outs and steps from all of the best Uptown spots.

Dallas luxury apartments2

Studios starting at $1,570, one bedrooms starting at $1,655, and two bedrooms starting at $2,390.


The ‘Gram is a lifestyle. You’ve got an eye for the perfect shot, or at least the perfect filter. The perfect neighborhood for someone who is always camera ready is Deep Ellum! Talk about interesting backgrounds and subjects. Deep Ellum is full of character and life, and there’s beauty and history in every brick of that neighborhood. You can grab a dope food shot at any number of cool restaurants, a really artsy shot of you at The Bomb Factory, or go viral with a #dogsofinstagram post with your pup at the Bark Park. Our favorite Deep Ellum property is brand new, but still has all of that Deep Ellum coolness. It’s also got an amazing pool and Downtown views. Talk about picture perfect!

Dallas luxury apartments2

Studios starting at $1,255, one bedrooms starting at $1,285, and two bedrooms starting at $1,900.


Are you the spontaneous, fun, wild friend? If so, you are likely obsessed with Snapchat. You dog-filter-selfie your way through life with a ton of gusto and love, and Oak Lawn is the place to be with all of your positive vibes. You’re right in the middle of so much life and energy, but there are also a lot of quiet and charming areas of the neighborhood, too. It’s one of the most walkable areas of Dallas, which we love because who has time for Dallas traffic? If you are as obsessed with your pet as much as we are obsessed with ours (and yours, too, tbh), you’ll love this pet friendly property! They have no breed restrictions and even a dog pool. We are in love! Also, we totally recommend checking out Cedar Grove across the street for some delicious cocktails.

Dallas luxury apartments2

Contact us for pricing! Call or text: 214-586-0519.


You probably interned at some super impressive company and graduated college with a GPA higher than gas prices right now if you love LinkedIn! #goals. You have a sick job in a sick city (hello, Dallas), and we know that right in the heart of Downtown is perfect for you. There’s something so satisfying, walking among all of the beautiful skyscrapers in Dallas — or heck, even just living in one of the most beautiful skylines in the country! If you’re really wanting to peep that view, we know the perfect property for you. It’s one of our favorite high rises and they seriously seal the deal with their ground floor bar! Their top-floor gym is also so picturesque, those last few deadlifts won’t feel so bad.

Dallas luxury apartments2

Contact us for pricing! Call or text: 214-586-0519.


Oh, you sweet, unique, beautiful soul. You are living your truest self and we love it! West Dallas is the neighborhood for you because it’s seriously on the come-up, and it’s seriously so exciting to be a part of it. There’s a ton of wonderful mom-and-pop type shops in the new center they’re building in the area, making everything super walkable! It’s got a really awesome laid-back feel among its dining, nightlife, and markets. We totally see this area becoming the next Deep Ellum, and you definitely wanna be a part of it before it becomes totally mainstream. We love the selection of properties in West Dallas, and we know you’ll fall in love hard.

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Contact us for pricing! Call or text: 214-586-0519.

If you want to get the low-down on any of these, call/text us at 214-586-0519 or fill out our online search form! Either way, we want to hook you up with a sweet place to live!

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