Why is Everyone Moving to Dallas, Texas?

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Lacy H.
Feb 22, 2022

Hey y’all, Dallasites101 here with some exciting news about our beloved city! Most Triple D residents know that tons of people from all over the country (and world) moved to the great state of Texas–and to Dallas–over the last two years. But did you know that in 10 years, Dallas will surpass Chicago as the third-largest metroplex in the country? We can’t help but feel a little proud that everyone around the country is starting to understand just how awesome it is to live in Dallas, Texas!

The Freakonomics podcast did an entire episode breaking down why “The Big D is a Big Deal” – a phrase we can get behind! They interviewed Mayor Johnson and other civic personnel and highlighted the 3 major reasons people love Dallas, and we couldn’t help but think that local businesses such as us and Smart City are contributing to a few! 

Three reasons so many people are moving to Dallas:

Dallas apartment rooftop pool with view of the city skyline

High Levels of Activity

Dallas is unique, considering everything we have at our fingertips – fine dining, high-level sports and entertainment, art, museums, outdoor activities, a lively music scene, and great weather. Dallas is the true nucleus of DFW; a unique aspect making it easy to locate the center of all the action and easily branch out to explore various nearby neighborhoods.

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Welcoming to Newcomers

Another reason everyone is moving to Dallas is because of how welcoming the city is. The podcast mentions the population’s good attitude toward newcomers, the local civic groups, and DFW’s accessibility. But what else makes a city feel welcoming? We think it’s the ability to conveniently explore all the city’s offerings including outstanding restaurants, various hangouts where similar people gather, an encouraging gym and fitness studio, or quite simply, just knowing where to go and/or what to do on any random night. A welcoming city makes you feel like you’re a part of the community.

Bishop Arts District storefronts


This is such a cool fact that we didn’t know! Dallas ranks 18th in the country for best metroplexes to start a business, with LA at 52nd and NYC at 60th. It’s an ideal place to start a company because more than the average number of businesses succeed here. We truly believe that Dallas is as great as it is because of the thousands of small businesses that make up the city– especially women and minority-owned. We love what we do because we get to spread awareness for these small businesses and encourage our community to support local. Dallasites101 and Smart City Locating have both proved that small, local businesses can thrive here!

• Dallasites101

The need for an evolving city guide is exactly how Dallasites101 came to be! Our company was founded by 2 transplants who realized that hardly anyone knew what to do on any given day because of how dense our city is and the abundance of happenings. We strive to continue introducing you to life in Dallas so that you’ll feel a sense of community and have a pulse on what’s happening in your city.

Beyond our Instagram–where we mostly highlight small, local businesses–we also host local events like speed dating and bar crawls to encourage Dallasites to meet new people, connect in person, and enjoy life in this incredible city.

• Smart City Locating

You can’t enjoy life in a city if you don’t feel at home there, but that’s where Smart City comes in. Smart City is a local company offering free, expert help finding apartments. It’s a great resource for people relocating to Dallas as well as locals trying to find the best-suited apartment for their specific needs. We truly encourage every renter to utilize their locating and concierge services.

If you’re currently on the hunt for your next Dallas apartment, fill out a webform to connect with a local Smart City agent and start your search ASAP.

Written by Abby Schikevitz of Dallasites101

Dallasites101 is a hyperlocal media company in Dallas, about Dallas. They are your 101 to Dallas, encouraging new and native residents to continuously discover and engage in the city, through content and experiences. They want Dallasites to call the city home, to find and build their sense of place here by trying “the new.” And that doesn’t just mean what’s new to Dallas, but also what’s new to them!

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