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Why It’s Time To Move To Knox-Henderson!

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Smart City
May 26, 2017

One of our favorite Dallas neighborhoods is also now one of the hottest and most desired neighborhoods to live in! Not only is it centrally located and right off of I-75, it’s also a really fun area with a ton of shops and restaurants.

What We Love About It

Most of the luxury apartments that we feature in the Knox-Henderson neighborhood are either brand new or have been built in the last ten years, with rates that are often lower than their competitors in the area. Like Uptown, many Knox-Henderson apartments are within walking distance to some of the city’s favorite restaurants, shops, and nightlife entertainment, while still providing options for folks who are on a budget!


Location, Location, Location

Being located right off either side of Highway 75 means that you’ll still be just minutes outside of Downtown Dallas, right near the Uptown, Oak Lawn, and Lower Greenville neighborhoods for even more access to Dallas’s hottest spots! Whether you’re shopping for some sweet décor for your new digs at Crate & Barrel, meeting up for brunch at Fernando’s, or unwinding with a beer on The Old Monk’s patio, Knox-Henderson has plenty of promise to keep you pumped about your new neighborhood throughout the day!

The Best Food and Shopping in Town


One of our favorite spots is Sushi Axiom! Oh man, get yourself ready. Sling your work stuff into your room and head to this Henderson staple before 7pm for some great deals on sushi. Don’t make the mistake of missing the Henderson roll, it is fried, cream cheese goodness that doubles in price at 7:01. Their signature drinks are half off on the happy hour menu too! One of the best things about loving your Dallas neighborhood and finding those places with great happy hours means not having to worry about the trek home since you can walk a few blocks and be right back in your apartment!



If you’re the type of person who needs coffee each morning before you great the day, your going to love living close to Houndstooth Coffee. This Austin transplant is perfect for the newly acquainted Dallas transplant. Being able to walk to bars from your new place is really fun, but being able to walk to coffee is arguably just as great. What an amenity to have walkable access to a carbonated, bottled cold brew straight from ATX or their Japanese-style cold brew! A great place to grab a cup of wake-me-up or a good resource for a laptop out/get stuff done sesh.



If tacos are more your jam, Velvet Taco is going to be so clutch! When it’s 3am and you’re heading home from wherever, all it takes is that one friend suggesting tacos to get the whole group stuck on the idea. Velvet Taco is the answer to all of your taco needs, day and night. Open ’til at least midnight each night and 4am on the weekends, there will hardly ever be a time where you aren’t just a few blocks away from yummy goodness.

If you want the details on any of these apartments above, call/text us at 214-586-0519 or fill out the apartment search form! Either way, we want to hook you up with a sweet place to live!


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