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Why We Can’t Help You Find an Apartment to Sublease for Profit

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Lacy H.
Oct 26, 2021

Tons of recent online content and viral videos have inspired people to try the get-rich-quick strategy of turning their rented apartment units into Airbnbs (looking at you, TikTok). While we’re all for diversifying your income, we aren’t in the business of helping people find apartments for the purpose of short-term subleasing (aka, Airbnb or Vrbo rentals). Here’s why:

We specialize in finding people apartments to LIVE in. Our service is equal parts helping our clients find apartments they’re excited to live in and helping apartment properties fill their units with vetted and reliable tenants. To keep our service free to clients, we rely on receiving commissions from the properties we connect them with, and as such partner with larger property management companies that have an advertising budget with allocations for locator commissions.

Although not uncommon with smaller properties or private rentals, large-scale property management companies typically have universal rules and application processes that prohibit residents from renting out their units through Airbnb or similar businesses. This is not to say that genuine subleasing is prohibited, but those clauses are extremely specific and typically require the same credit and background check that the original tenant underwent. Refer to your leasing agreement for more information on subletting. 

Speaking of lease agreements, the last thing we’d ever want is to put anyone in a position to be evicted. Operating an Airbnb or similar program is between you and your property management team. Most places won’t allow for a revolving door of interim, unapproved tenants, and attempting to sneak them through is definitely grounds for eviction.

To put it plainly, we don’t typically work with properties that allow short-term, unauthorized subleasing and therefore aren’t the best resource if you’re looking to make money off of your apartment. What you decide to do once you’ve moved in is up to you, but note that if you come to us asking for help finding an apartment with the intention of renting it out, we will not be able to help you. However, if you’re looking for an apartment to live your best, everyday life in, we can help you find the perfect place! Select your city below to get started:

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