Why We Love The Knox/Henderson Neighborhood

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May 26, 2017

Let’s start with this, we love Knox/Henderson. Basically everything about it makes us happy. In case you didn’t know already, Knox/Henderson is a neighborhood right outside of downtown Dallas. An awesome one at that. There are so many things we could tell you about this area but let’s just stick to the highlights and the food!

Walking Distance

Knox/Henderson apartments have an average walk score in the 80’s. From restaurants to shopping, you’ll be close to it all. There is a great neighborhood feel to all of the establishments here. It’s affordable and it’s downright good.

From grabbing a cup of coffee to grabbing a beer after work, you’re sure to see a friendly face. There is also a Sprout’s here for those of you that are into that healthy grocery life!

Food and Bars

Since we’re already on the topic of how close you are to some killer restaurants and bars, we figured we would give you some examples of our favorites.

The Porch.Even if you don’t live over here, you need to go check out this place. It’s a gastropub with upscale food and a legit selection of wine, cocktails, and brews.

The Porch Dallas

(Photo Credits: The Porch Facebook)

Henderson Tap House. When we said grab a beer after work, we meant here. This place has beer on tap, in cans, and bottles, as well as, some delicious bar eats.

Henderson Tap House

(Photo Credit: Henderson Tap House Facebook)

Victor Tangos. This tapas style restaurant is a high-energy, upscale place that serves great cocktails and a selection of brews. With menu items such as an Artisan Cheese Board, Flat Breads, Unagi Fried Rice, and Warm Sticky Toffee Cake, you are sure to have several courses!

Victor Tangos Dallas

(Photo Credit: Victor Tangos Facebook)

We also have to mention that Knox/Henderson is just a few blocks from the ever famous Lower Greenville. So, you’ll be just minutes from some of the best restaurants in Dallas! Some of our favorites include the Truck Yard and HG Sply Co, but there are plenty more to choose from!

The Truck Yard. You just can’t go wrong here! Take a Saturday afternoon and check it out for yourself. They have several awesome food trucks and a trailer bar that carries some great beers! You’ll find yourself sticking around for several hours without getting bored. Did we mention there is a tree house bar too?

Truck Yard Dallas

(Photo Credit: The Truck Yard Facebook)

HG Sply Co. is another go-to. It’s a gastropub featuring craft beers and craft cocktails. It has a totally rustic-chic vibe and a rooftop patio. The food’s pretty awesome too. When you’re done eating, head down to Steel City Pops for dessert! They never disappoint.

HG Sply Dallas

(Photo Credit: HG Sply Co Facebook)

Home, Sweet Home

As we have already mentioned, the vibe here is super chill. There is a definite neighborhood feel everywhere you go. The people here are cool, it’s basically a toned-downversion of Uptown making it a great place to settle in. Also, Knox/Henderson is full of transplants from all over which makes it a great place to meet new friends! Just look at these cozy spaces in the area that you could call home:

avana dallas
One bedrooms in the $1,300’s
avana dallas
Two bedrooms in the $1,800’s

If you love Knox/Henderson and want to live near all of these amazing places be sure to call / text us at 214-586-0519 or you can fill out our online form! We can help you find your next home!

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