Why You Should Live In South Austin

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May 29, 2017

Austin, Texas is currently the second fastest growing city in the United States. The locals might be complaining, but, gosh darnit, if we don’t think it’s amazing. Not only is ATX considered the Live Musical Capitol of the World, but it also plays host to the actual Capitol of Texas!

And just like many other big and thriving cities, there are different neighborhoods and parts to the city. Which is why we’re here to talk to you about why you should live in South Austin (until we get to North and East Austin, because, you know, all of it is awesome).

South Congress

Also known as SoCo. There is food to be eaten, shops to be shopped in and, of course, live music to be watched. South Congress is filled with great restaurants and shops with a variety of food trucks tucked in between. There are several vintage stores filled with all the hipster clothes you can think of (can I take yo grandpa’s style?). And with eateries like HopDoddy — get ready for a big line, Snack bar and Botticelli’s, you’ll never go hungry. In the summer months you can take the short walk up to the South Congress bridge to watch the 1.5 million bats fly out for feeding. (Yes, you read that correctly.)

Lady Bird Lake

Also known as Lake Austin. Here, you have the lovely views of our growing Downtown skyline mixed with one of the best parts of Austin: the outdoor adventures. There is the Butler walking/jogging/running/biking/you-name-it Trail where could run the entire 10.15 mile path…if you really wanted to. Then there are the water activities! All along the trail are different rental places to kayak or canoe or, our favorite, paddle board on the lake. Just watch out for snapping turtles!

Bars Upon Bars Upon Bars

We love our alcohol here. You think you’re going to a coffee shop? Well, guess what. They have beer and wine. Whether you’re on South Lamar, First or Congress, you are going to have a grand ol’ time at every bar that’s in a ten-minute walking distance from your apartment. (That’s right, folks. Don’t drink and drive.)

Everything is Ten Minutes Away

We’re not kidding. Want to go downtown? That’s a ten minute drive. Want to hike the trails on the Greenbelt? Ten minutes. Need to go grocery shopping at HEB or Central market? Ten minute drive. That eatery over there? Ten minutes. This gym? Ten minutes. It’s a miracle.*

The Greenbelt

Speaking of the Greenbelt! Here is a 7.9 mile long trail filled with different terrains, (easy) obstacles and fun in the sun opportunities. There are multiple entrances off of South Lamar and Highway 360. There’s the Hill of Life, which will kill your upper thighs and butt when you’re hiking up to your car but, man, is that a great workout. There’s Twin Falls and Sculpture Falls for your swimming pleasures when water is high and random rope swings scattered throughout the path. There are turtles to watch and we once even saw a snake eating a frog. It was gross and awesome at the same time.

Whether you’re looking for a neighborhood with good shopping, great food and accessibility or nearby the great outdoors, South Austin is the perfect place for all of your needs.

*That is unless of course the city is doing some sort of construction. There are three main roads and two highways to go north and south. You do the math.


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