Why You Should Rent An Apartment In The Fall/Winter

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Lacy H.
Oct 24, 2020

Each year, more than 40 million Americans move; and the population migration patterns show that more people are moving to warmer climates than ever before! As “warmer climates” go, summertime has historically proven to be one of the busiest times of the year for renters. Check out our top four reasons why moving in the fall and winter is the *actual* superior choice.

Demand is Lower 

Let us fill you in on a little secret – apartment pricing is affected by supply and demand. Is anyone surprised? Don’t worry, you don’t have to scrounge up that old microeconomics textbook – we got you! It makes sense that as the summer months come to a close, people begin to settle into their seasonal routines (school, work, etc.), and the urgency to rent slows way down. 

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Since there are fewer people looking to move during the fall and winter months compared to summer months, prices have a tendency to fluctuate a little more. There’s only one caveat to this golden nugget of information. If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook in the cities we serve, you’ve seen us repeatedly mention that prices change each day. Pricing is affected by supply and demand, so it has to change daily because people move in and out of their apartments every day. 

Renting in the fall or winter also increases the odds that, based on the demand of the market, you are likely to encounter, what we like to call, a “unicorn deal.” These seemingly magical deals aren’t always the direct result of seasonal renting trends, so they can rear their magical horns anytime. However, renting in the fall or winter presents steady opportunities to lease a unit at a particularly lower rate, that’s all we’re saying!

Serious Specials

Rent specials can be inspired in a number of ways for properties. Sometimes they show up as free rent for a certain amount of time, or waived fees, or move-in gifts like gift cards. This time last year, we saw quite a few specials resulting in six-to-ten weeks free, gift cards upward of $1000, and $500-$1000 in credit toward leases. Not to mention the deals we negotiated on behalf of our clients with multiple properties in some of the hottest neighborhoods in Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, Denver, Houston, and Atlanta!

With fall and winter riding the coattails of the summertime buzz, it’s a great time to possibly lock-down a lease term that can offer better pricing, as well. Some specials are dependant upon how many months a renter is looking to lease. This can be tricky to navigate, but our agents take clients through this seamlessly so that you’re not in it alone.

You may be thinking “yeah, but I don’t want to move during the holidays,” and trust us, we hear you. But, imagine walking into a grocery store on Thanksgiving to find all the things you need, for possibly better prices, without any crowds. Imagine that same experience when looking for an apartment in fall or winter – the same great properties, at possibly better rates, minus the touring crowds. Win-win-win; are we right?

That may be a round-about way to look at what lease terms can do for you in regard to seasons, specials and pricing, but we had to paint the full picture!

Packing and Moving is Just Easier

Moving…enjoyable? There is no way. We know we sound crazy, but hear us out. We’ve done the research, and moving companies dished that since demand is lower during fall and winter, prices to hire movers are lower, too. 

Save yourself the time and effort of calling that one friend with a truck, paying them in pizza and beer, and hoping they won’t be mad that you actually have way more stuff than you initially shared. With the weather (hopefully) being much cooler than the summer months, you’ll be able to move without sweating through four different outfits. Moving day made easier by the fall season – who would have guessed it? Pack up the (cheaper) moving truck, and let’s go.

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Plus, we’re not saying that packing can be 100 percent enhanced by incorporating a theme of Michael Buble holiday music, autumn wreath-scented candles, and friends dressed as packing elves; but, it can. And, depending on your moving dates, you may be bookended by the two best parts of the holiday season. Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on one end (hello, new TV and sectional sofa), and immediate placement of holiday decor on the other (like, before photos of friends and family, but it’s totally appropriate).

Brand Spankin’ New Apartments

We love new properties! The apartment market is growing so fast and new apartments open every season. Last year, an article by RentCafe actually dubbed the DFW metroplex as the top metro in the country in regards to new apartment completions, exponentially surpassing metros like New York and Seattle. Translation: you’ve got options if you’re looking for that apartment new-new! 

New properties present a little more flexibility in offering specials that can be customized to a person or group of people applying for units. This isn’t always the case, but our sales representatives love working with new properties because there lies the surprise of finding specials that can get clients in a new place they’ll love! Not to mention, you’ll be the first person to suds up in the bathtub and burn a frozen pizza in the oven (it’s basically a right of passage).

Whether you’re relocating or moving between neighborhoods, moving in fall or winter could be the perfect opportunity to optimize the entire renting experience. Now that you have the full picture and the hamster wheel in your head is goin’, loop us in if a little (free) apartment locating expertise is exactly what you need!

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