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May 29, 2017

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day so why eat a spinach egg white omelet when you can go full psycho on some donuts? Am I right?!? We’ve compiled a list of some amazing donuts that you HAVE to try! Here are 4 of our favorite donut shops in Austin!


Gourdough’s on South Congress is probably one of the most well-known donut spots in Austin, for good reason. They come up with some really incredible recipes and keep us excited to try new donuts. We recommend you try the flying pig: a freshly fried donut topped with maple syrup icing and bacon. Yep, we said bacon. Bacon.


Breakfast tacos are basically the king of Austin. So take breakfast tacos and then smash them with donuts and Voila! You have Donut Taco Palace! We recommend the Taco Donut. Envision a donut stuffed with sausage, egg, potato, bacon, and cheese. Now envision eating it while laying on your couch and watching Netflix. Now envision dying, the happiest you’ve ever been.


Ken’s Donuts near UT is the best late night dessert spot that’s also open 24 hours a day. Stroll in at 3 am feeling a little tipsy, hit on a co-ed and buy a donut. I’m pretty sure that’s our dream meet cute. We recommend their éclair filled with crème and covered in chocolate. Yum!!!


If you’re over the fancy donut trend and you want to just take it old school, Mrs. Johnson’s Bakery is it for you. Not only do they make delicious classic donuts but they give you a FREE glazed donut with every order. Take that Crispy Crème!!


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