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Our Purpose

To find you a space to be yourself

Whether that’s an incredible apartment, a place you actually enjoy working, or both!


We exist to get you in the door of your dream apartment, with ease. We keep our service totally FREE because we can, and you like it that way. No scams, sales tactics or bait-and-switching; just genuine thought and effort put into finding you a place to put your feet up.


We’re not old-school real estate agents with our faces on frisbees. We’re a growing team of thinkers, creators and doers who love the cities we work in and helping people find apartments that spark joy!


Real estate designed for busy renters can only thrive in cities full of busy renters. Texas is 99% taco lovers, football fans and busy renters, so here we are!

Core Values - 01

Honor Bound

We’ll always do what we say we’re going to and choose the right action over the more profitable one.

Core Values - 02


Finding an apartment in your price range is not enough! We’ll make sure you’re in love with your new space and that you have a good time finding it. Who said romance is dead, huh?

Core Values - 03

Never Settle

You know how a shark can die if it doesn’t keep swimming? Yeah, we’re kinda like that. Finding new, better ways to locate apartments is critical to our survival. You could say, we live for it.

Core Values - 04


This experience should be fun! We do everything we can to foster positivity in regard to both the journey and the outcome.

Core Values - 05

Real People

We’re real humans who know that you’re a real human. So, we’ll always treat you like a real human–with compassion and respect for your time and life outside of searching.

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