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An affluent neighborhood that wanted to be its own city so bad, it emancipated itself like a 14 year old Drew Barrymore and became an independent municipality.
Highland Park Village, Dallas' Rodeo Drive, is the area's go-to spot for designer retail and high class dining.


The small town perks of beautiful and well-manicured greenery and parks


Very few apartment communities

Highland Park is an affluent town located in the middle of the city of Dallas, between the tollway and 75. If you’ve got a Celine bag and wear Rag & Bone, you will fit right in. It is home to the Highland Park Village where you will find tons of popular upscale boutiques and restaurants! If you want to grab a bite to eat, there are several amazing spots to choose from. K.T. Burger is a quick serve concept that specializes in burgers, beer, and shakes. If you want date night options, we love Cafe Pacific and Lounge 31. You will also find Royal Blue Grocery here, who carries gourmet produce, deli items, flowers, and a curated beer and wine selection. Basically, Highland Park Village has everything you need for a spectacular shopping day.

Just for fun, we thought we’d mention that Highland Park is also home to one of the most beautiful fire stations we have seen in Dallas! If you live here, you will definitely love driving down the streets, admiring all of the beautiful landscapes and homes. It is nothing short of gorgeous, especially when all the lights go up for Christmas time.

There aren’t too many apartment in Highland Park, and you can rest assured that the few they have are extremely expensive. But no worries, Smart City Apartment Locating can find you the perfect Highland Park apartment, or a great place to live nearby!

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If you refer to Highland Park as "Dallas", it's definitely going to ask to speak with the manager.

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