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Dallas Lake Highlands luxury apartment kitchen
Dallas Lake Highlands luxury apartment bathroom
Dallas Lake Highlands luxury apartment kitchen
Dallas Lake Highlands luxury apartment bedroom
Dallas Lake Highlands luxury apartment bathroom

What Its Known For

Do you remember the first time you used a graphing calculator? It was a probably made by Texas Instruments whose homebase happens to be right here in Lake Highlands.
Making up most of Northeast Dallas, the Lake Highlands neighborhood caters largely to homeowners with it's vast subdivisions and suburban like streets.
Situated next to White Rock Lake, a popular weekend spot for boaters, rowers, joggers, bikers, and outdoor-lovers alike.


Over 870 acres of parks and biking trails, some even leading out to White Rock Lake
Stay treated and entertained at Super Target, Alamo Drafthouse, Bahama Bucks, Top Golf and Andy's Custard
Only a quick drive to Mockingbird Station and Lakewood


Highly residential, so there aren't a lot of apartments to choose from
Long commute times to more central areas

Lake Highlands is the perfect transition city, because it’s literally bordered by Richardson, Garland, White Rock Lake, Lakewood, and East Dallas. You can get to anywhere from Lake Highlands, without having the headache of being in a super congested neighborhood. Plus, you’re super close to Northpark Mall for those quick shopping trips, and you have easy access to Highway 75 to get anywhere in the city pretty quickly. Lake Highlands apartments are usually really nice, and priced a tiny bit lower than the apartments close to the center of Dallas!

Lake Highlands touches Richardson on the north, Garland on the east, White Rock Lake and East metropolis on the south, and Lakewood and North Dallas on the west. The neighborhood is bisected southeast-northwest by I-635 and is deckled on the south by Northwest road and White Rock Lake, and on the west by White Rock Creek or Central expressway. On the north and east, the neighborhood ends at the town limits of Richardson and Garland.

White Rock Lake, a reservoir created at the start of the twentieth century, is found on the side of Lake Highlands. The lake and encompassing park may be a well-liked destination for boaters, rowers, joggers, and bikers, additionally as guests seeking peaceful respite from the town at the 66-acre Dallas arboretum and botanical garden, situated on the lake’s eastern shore. White Rock Creek feeds into White Rock Lake, and so exits on to the Trinity River southeast of downtown Dallas. Trails on White Rock Creek are a part of the intensive Dallas County Trails System.

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Every weekend, I go on a date to get custard from Andy's, see a movie at Alamo or both if i'm lucky! We just love the vibe out there.

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