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Sloan’s Lake Denver

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What Its Known For

Largest city lake and second largest city park in Denver
Frequented for outdoor recreational activities


10 minutes from Downtown Denver
Plenty of outdoor activity


High rental rates
Extremely limited walkability

If you’re heading to Denver, it probably has at least a little to do with mountains and nature—and if you really want to capitalize on those perfect mountain view sunsets, the best place to be is at Sloan’s Lake. The Sloan Lake neighborhood is a residential area centered around the city’s biggest lake and second-largest park, making it almost too easy to strike a balance between city, suburbs, and nature.


Sloan Lake Neighborhood Overview


Sloan’s Lake Apartments come in all shapes and sizes, and apartments locating here will turn up a mix of properties from modern townhomes and newly-built apartments to the classic 1920s brick bungalows and Tudor ranches that have lined the streets for the last century. You’ll also notice a healthy mix of renters and owners, meaning you’ll probably get to know your neighbors well and won’t see quite as much movement in and out of the neighborhood.


Sloan Lake is a bit more spread out than other Denver neighborhoods, and many of your outings will require wheels—whether on your bike, your car, or the city’s bus system. Still,

the beautiful treelined streets are sprinkled with locally-owned eateries, quaint coffeehouses, and small boutiques. You’ll also love the easy access to the big-name brands, like Target and King Soopers, to stock up on life’s essentials.  Of course, the biggest draw is the giant lake and surrounding green space that takes up the entire southwest corner of the neighborhood.


Things to Do Around Sloan’s Lake Denver


Sloan’s Lake is a residential offset of Denver, but that doesn’t mean it’s short on action. The 290-acre Sloan’s Lake Park is the namesake, pride, and joy of the neighborhood where you can enjoy water sports, tennis, basketball, or quiet contemplation. You’ll also find lots of room (2.6 miles, to be exact) to stretch those runners’ legs or take your bike for a spin.


Sloan’s Lake residents won’t have a problem finding their favorite local coffee shop, restaurant, or hang out close to home. You can always venture across neighborhood lines to enjoy the amenities of West Highland, Jefferson Park, and Edgewater. Downtown Denver sits just a short 10-minute Uber ride away.


With July comes the free Colorado Dragan Boat Festival. If you end up renting an apartment in Sloan Lake, don’t be surprised when your friends want to use your place as a landing pad during the two days of festivities.

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