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Berkeley / Mistletoe Heights

Neighborhood Scores

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Public Transportation

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What Its Known For

One of the oldest neighborhoods in Fort Worth
Overlooking Trinity River
Leafy tree lined streets, parks and trails


Minutes from Downtown
Low noise levels
Near the Botanical Gardens


Car Dependent
Limited number of multi-family properties

One of the oldest neighborhoods in Fort Worth and just minutes from Downtown, Berkeley/Mistletoe Heights overlooks the Trinity River and feels like a backdrop for any number of the “coming of age films” from the 80’s. The streets are lined with leafy trees and sprinkled with parks and trails along the way. There’s also the Forest Park Pool, which is an outdoor community pool sure to help you survive the Fort Worth summer heat.

The best part about this location is you can find yourself at the Botanical Gardens, TCU, and other Fort Worth staples like Rahr Brewery in the Near Southside, within minutes.

To be honest, there aren’t a TON of apartment buildings in this area, but if you are sold on living here, we can help you find the few that are!

Don’t just take our word for it. See what our friends say!

A convenient location close to TCU with some good trails and lots of restaurants... really good pancakes too!

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