What You Should Know About Relocating to Fort Worth

If you’re thinking of moving to Fort Worth, Texas, you’re in fine company. The Metroplex is currently growing at a rate of 250 residents per day, and Fort Worth alone has more than doubled its population since 2000. Pretty impressive when you consider how close Fort Worth was to becoming a ghost town in the late 19th century, due to economic disaster and brutal weather. The Dallas Herald jokingly reported in 1875 that Fort Worth was so slow that a panther had been spotted sleeping on the courthouse steps. Fortunately, the city recovered fully in the following year and adopted the nickname “Panther City” as a badge of honor.

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Fort Worth at a Glance

Fort Worth is the fifth-largest city in Texas, with a population just north of 900,000. Long considered Dallas’s country cousin, Fort Worth has gone through a renaissance over the past couple of decades. While the city still embraces its Western heritage as the center of the Texas Longhorn cattle trade, its industries now include aerospace, government, education, and health care. Fort Worth has become known just as well for its live music venues and world-class museums as its cowboy culture.

Best Places to Live in Fort Worth

Whether you’re in Fort Worth for the short-term or looking to plant some roots, you have plenty of options when it comes to choosing a place to live. Check out our Fort Worth Neighborhoods page for more details on some of the city’s better-known communities. And when you’re ready to start your search for the perfect Fort Worth apartment, remember Smart City Locating is standing by and ready to help.

Q : What do I do if I have to move in and start work by a certain date, but I’m not able to visit Fort Worth beforehand?

A : No worries! All of our agents offer video/Facetime tours so you can actually see where you’ll be living. Leasing a unit sight unseen can be stressful, we like to send videos so you know if that closet will fit all of your shoes, or if that particular unit has a wine rack; ya know, that important stuff.

Q : I need to move to Fort Worth 5 months from now, are you guys able to help?

A : This is a big one. The most accurate information regarding availability and pricing starts around 60 days from move in, and while we can definitely start narrowing down potential neighborhoods and apartments, we won’t truly be able to start the search process until we’re 60 days away from move in!

Q : What if I am coming to Fort Worth for only one or two days to look at apartments?

A : This is our full time job, and all of our agents work pretty much all the time. If you’re coming in on a Saturday, just let your agent know and we can have updated availability and pricing for you to look over before you come. We love touring out-of-towners because we get to show off how much we love this city. We can show you the different neighborhoods, best bars to meet new people, and our favorite restaurants.

Q : What neighborhood should I live in?

A : This one is actually tough because there are so many different neighborhoods that we love!! Some of our favorites include Near Southside, TCU / West Cliff, and Downtown / Sundance Square. But ultimately there are a lot of other factors that include your budget, work location, etc. that can determine which neighborhood is best for you! But don’t worry, we’ll walk you through the process for sure.

Q : How do I set up electricity/utilities?

A : Fort Worth has unregulated energy, so you can choose from a number of different providers. Our Connect Team is here to help you navigate the best rates — for free!

Q : What movers should I use?

A : We always tell people to check Yelp reviews for movers, and your specific agent can give you a couple of potential movers that we’ve had good experiences with in the past!

Q : What are my transportation options?

A : Fort Worth has a commuter rail service called the Trinity Railway Express (TRE) that travels between downtown Fort Worth and downtown Dallas, as well as the Trinity Metro–a public transportation service including bus, carpool, vanpool and more in Fort Worth and participating cities in greater Tarrant County. We definitely suggest a car however, because the entire Dallas Fort Worth metroplex is pretty spread out. After all, everything’s bigger in Texas!

Q : Are pets allowed?

A : Fort Worth is SUUUUUPER dog friendly. Our owner’s dog comes to our office every day. There are tons of bars and restaurants that allow dogs on their patios as well. Almost all of the apartments allow non-aggressive dogs as roommates (with a deposit), and some have dog parks, green areas, and even small yards. If you have an “aggressive” breed (we use quotations because we know your pit bull is sweet. Our office husky is the sweetest) then your options will be more limited, but they still exist. Contact us and we can give you the details on what to expect and different options.

Q : What do deposits and upfront costs look like for renting in Fort Worth?

A : We love telling people who move from big cities like New York or LA about deposits here in Fort Worth. They usually range anywhere from $0-400. Sometimes higher if there are credit issues, but no apartment requires first and last months rent, which is awesome. Some apartments will even give you a month of free rent! You will also pay an application fee of $0-100 and an admin fee of $0-300. We’re pretty good at finding deals though, you shouldn’t expect to pay more than $500 for move in costs with good credit. If you have a pet, it could be a bit more if the property you choose to lease at requires a pet deposit.

Q : Fridge, Microwave, Parking?

A : All apartments in Fort Worth come with a fridge and a microwave. Parking is usually included unless it’s a downtown property or if you have specific requests.

Q : Do you offer furnished and/or short term leases?

A : We partner (and can get you exclusive discounts with( a number of furniture rental companies in DFW! Click here to browse and learn more.

As for short term leases, the minimum lease term we work with is 6 months, but pricing is usually MUCH higher for short term leases; sometimes double the price. We always tell people that if they’re planning on moving here for at least a year, it’s worth it to just do a 12 month and save the money!

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