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Samuels Ave “Rock Island”

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What Its Known For

Nicknamed after the Rock Island Railroad
An "up and coming" juxtaposition of history (think houses that date back to the 1800s) and modern development
Backed up against the Trinity River
Thought to be Fort Worth's next great neighborhood renaissance


5 minutes from Sundance Square and the Fort Worth Stock Yards
Hiking and biking at Trinity Trails


Early stages of development
Limited walkability

Samuels Ave. Rock Island. Trinity Bluff.

Call it what you want, but this neighborhood is unanimously referred to as “up-and-coming”. After more than 10 years of talk about it’s potential to become Fort Worth’s next hot neighborhood, change is now rapidly occurring and the Samuels neighborhood, just a short walk northeast of Downtown, is booming with construction. A handful of new apartments have already opened in the area, some of our favorites included!

Highlighted for it’s convenient location with easy access to highways and proximity to Sundance Square and the famous Fort Worth Stockyards, Samuels Avenue extends from Downtown to the city’s North Side, winding along a bluff overlooking the Trinity River.

Soon, you’ll be seeing a number of awesome businesses open in the area, and we have a feeling some of you will want to get into the neighborhood before it becomes too mainstream.

Don’t just take our word for it. See what our friends say!

Some people refer to the area as 'Trinity Bluff' because of it's proximity to the river, but either way it's a work in progress, so a lot of the stuff in the area is new... or it will be when it opens!

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