West 7th

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Luxury apartment with large windows
Luxury apartment kitchen with large island and wine fridge
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Luxury apartment kitchen

What Its Known For

One of the hottest entertainment scenes in the city
Pedestrian-friendly five block village in the Cultural District
High-concept dining, local fashion retailers and unique entertainment venues


Extremely walkable
Abundant dining and retail choices
Two words: live music


Large Crowds and rowdy nightlife
High noise levels

Would it really be Fort Worth without the vibrant energy surrounding West 7th, the hottest entertainment scene in the city. Relatively “new” in terms of city development, the area has expanded into a five-block urban village over the last ten years, and now features over 900,000 square feet of restaurant/retail space, unique entertainment venues, and one of the area’s largest movie theaters!

Quite possibly the most pedestrian-friendly area in DFW, the West 7th neighborhood bridges Downtown and the Cultural District, accommodating everything from fine dining and specialty retailers to popular entertainment venues.

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Insanely walkable and the place everyone comes to party!

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