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3 Apartment Hacks to Kickstart Your New Year

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Skylar Booth
Jan 4, 2024

2024 is our year to work smarter, not harder! Maximizing your apartment space can feel super daunting without a clear plan. Lucky for you, we came up with 3 life hacks that will help you get a little New Year update for your space, or to give some inspo what to do for your next one!

Room with Mirror and quote

1. Mastering Mirrors

Looking for a way to make your space bigger without paying more sqft? Mirrors are your secret weapon. Hang them intentionally to reflect light and create a roomier, airier feel. No need to sweat the small square footage when you can enlarge it visually with a few well-placed mirrors. Plus, they’re super easy decor, adding flair and depth to your space. Try out different sizes and styles to see what fits your apartment best!


Lighting with quotes

2. Ambiance is Key

No. Please do not turn on that harsh, overhead, sort-of-ugly bulb light. Invest in some new lighting instead! Light is the unsung hero of setting the mood. Opt for softer, warmer lighting options to create those cozy vibes. Picture adjustable lamps for the perfect glow or warm-toned bulbs, giving that chill café ambiance. Lighting isn’t just about seeing; it’s about feeling the space. And no… string lights are not out. 


Computer desk with quote

3. DIY at home office

Are you one of the lucky ones with almost too much closet space? This might be the perfect project for you. Organize the clutter, pop in a desk, add a comfy chair, and ta-da! You’ve transformed a neglected space into your own WFH station without paying for an extra bedroom. There is no need to splurge on these items either; a simple search on Amazon for affordable office items will do the trick!

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