Becoming A Smart City Apartment Locator: FAQs

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Sarah Wuenscher
Jan 11, 2023

How is apartment locating different than residential real estate? What does the day in the life of an apartment locator look like? We sat down with our founder and CEO, Cassie Brown, to talk FAQs about the ins and outs of apartment locating with Smart City.


If your attention span taps out around the 30-second mark these days (thanks, TikTok), we created a handy breakdown with topics and time stamps so you can jump around to the stuff you’re interested in learning more about.

0:00 – 0:48 — Smart City’s origin story

0:48 – 1:42 — What is apartment locating, and how does it differ from residential real estate?

1:42 – 2:05 — How is Smart City different from other apartment locators?

2:05 – 2:33 — How does the hiring process work?

2:33 – 3:27 — How does the apartment locating position work?

3:27 – 4:41 — Can the position be done remotely?

4:41 – 5:26 — What does growth look like as a Smart City agent?


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