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Skylar Booth
Mar 29, 2024

So, you’ve just moved into your shiny new apartment and are so excited to decorate your space. That is until you realize throw pillows are like $25, and you aren’t trying to break the bank. Lucky for you, we’ve seen an apartment or two and know the must-haves. With a little deep dive on Amazon, we have found some good deals so you can fall in love with your space, without falling into debt. 

Living Room:

  • Throw Pillows (Sweater & Knot): Let’s talk about throw pillows, shall we? They’re like the icing on the cake of your sofa – the cherry on top, if you will. And guess what? THEY ARE EXPENSIVE. Who started that?? We found these options to jazz up your sofa, while also being under $20! Sweater & Knot Pillows. 
  • Loveseat: You could always use some extra seating! Whether you use this as an entry bench or a little loveseat in the living room, it is a solid option. Not many reviews, but the few it has are great – even with a photo!
  • Coffee Table (Glass & Wood): It is so hard to find the right coffee table, especially for a small space. Coffee tables on average are closer to $150 to $200 and up. “For a COFFEE TABLE?” I know right. This glass round coffee table is a great budget friendly option, especially in a studio or convertible where every sqft counts. Or, do you work from home? This coffee table has the ultimate couch desk setup, and it’s under $100!


  • Kitchen Island (Dark & Light): Say hello to extra storage and countertop space with a budget-friendly kitchen island. With the option to buy one of these, you can use it to cook, or a game/date night! So many more activities! This is especially a luxury for some studios that do not already have an island, definitely check this one out! 
  • Fridge Organizers: Tired of playing hide-and-seek with your leftovers in the fridge? Us too. Check out this organizer pack that’ll have your fridge looking like a Pinterest dream. Although it is a little more pricey, you get a ton of different organizers for eggs, cans, and other fridge items. A bang for your buck!
  • Ceramic Pots and Pans: Ready to upgrade your cookware game? Say goodbye to toxic fumes and hello to stylish ceramic pots and pans that won’t poison your pasta! Plus, these are a super stylish edition to your collection. 


  • Lamp: Lighting can make a world difference, especially in a room that is focused on relaxation. This lamp is small enough to fit on a nightstand, and will give your room the vibey feel it needs. Overhead lighting who?
  • Throw Blanket (Checkered & White): No one can ever have enough throw blankets – especially if you have guests often! However, you don’t have to go over budget to add comfort to the space. These cozy little throws are the perfect additions!
  • Shoe Organizer (Short & Tall): When you think of closet organization, you think where should I hang my clothes, fold my shirts, and put my hamper… but what about all of your shoes? Maximize your space by using a shoe organizer! These give your shoes a home instead of taking up space scattered all over the floor. .


  • Shower Curtain (Green & Pattern): Shower curtains are definitely underrated, because you can get so creative with them. They have different textures, designs, and you can really show off more of your personality throughout the smallest room in the apartment!
  • Vanity Organizer: Say goodbye to bathroom chaos and hello to organized bliss with a vanity organizer that’ll have your essentials in order in no time. Trust me, you’ll feel a lot less stressed when everything has a little spot instead of thrown on top of your counter. This one is perfect and budget friendly!
  • Bath Mat (Peach & Stone): I think we’ve all seen those trendy “Get Naked” and “Squeaky Clean” bath mats that we think are a bit cringe, but secretly love. Buy something you’ll be excited to take the first step out of the shower on! We found a few options here, one being more on the trendy/fun side, and another practical/neutral. For a stone bath mat, this is one of the cheapest on Amazon right now!

We’re not just in the business of finding you a place to live – we want to make sure you are in love with your space! So take a few of these into consideration for the next move, or to add to your current space. No need to break the bank to help make the place scream “you”, all it takes is a little hope, trust, and deep dive on Amazon! Itching to move into something new? Check out the link below to get started on your apartment search!

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