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Everything You Need To Know About Flexible-Lease Apartment Living

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Sarah Wuenscher
Jan 22, 2023

Tired of being locked down in one place for a year or longer? When you’re on the hunt for your next home base, it’s important to consider what your lifestyle actually calls for. While signing a 12+ month lease makes sense for some, everyone’s living situation is unique. For those who are looking for a less-committal living situation than the norm, enter: flexible lease apartments.

What are flexible lease apartments?

Flexible lease apartments are a middle ground between short-term hotels/AirBnbs  and longer-term apartments. You’re still signing a lease at an apartment community, but instead of committing to a full year or more, your lease term is flexible past 30 days. That means you get access to all of the perks that come with apartment living like pools, gyms, dog parks, amenity lounges, and full-time maintenance staff,  just minus the long-term commitment that usually comes with living at a multifamily property. Plus, flexible lease apartments typically come fully furnished with everything you need for a comfortable stay, however long that may be!


Community photos courtesy of AVE Austin North Lamar


Flexible rental perks

1 | Convenience

The words “lease” and “flexible” are rarely used in the same sentence. Typically, renters are incentivized to sign into an airtight agreement for at least one year, but some situations call for wiggle room. Avid travelers, short-term contractors, and those who need a home base in between leases that don’t overlap are likely to benefit from a more flexible living situation. And, if a situation changes unexpectedly, breaking a lease earlier than the agreed-upon end date is time-consuming, expensive, and may even damage your rental history. Having the option to exit a lease with shorter notice can save you money and a headache or two.

2 | Guilt-free travel

Being locked in for 12+ months of rent payments just doesn’t make sense for those who rarely stay in one place, especially in an era where “work from home” often means “work from anywhere with a WiFi connection”. With a flexible lease, you’re not stuck paying for an apartment you’re not actively living in on top of travel accommodations. It depends on the complex you’re living in, but some require as little as 15-day notice to vacate your unit — so when your flight tracker goes off, it’s go-time.

3 | Fully-furnished options

You get the best of both worlds — getting to live somewhere homey and fully stocked with the essentials without the hassle (and huge financial dent) of furnishing an entire apartment yourself. No need to blow your most recent paycheck on a singular rug from CB2 — a flexible lease apartment has everything you need to live comfortably. Scroll through the slideshow below to get an idea of what you can expect with thoughtfully-designed layouts, washers & dryers, WiFi, full kitchens (no kitchenette situations here), dishes and glassware, and even bed and bath linens.

4 | Stress-free move-out

Packing up and moving is a major chore, whether you’re hiring movers or bribing your friend with a pickup truck to haul your couch to your new place in exchange for pizza and beer. With flexible-lease apartments, all you need to worry about when you’re packing up is yourself and the suitcase you brought with you.

“My husband and I had an absolutely wonderful 7-month stay at AVE Austin North Lamar while he was working out of state. Our furnished apartment was freshly cleaned, the pool well-maintained, and the gym was excellent. And then there was the staff, wonderful, accommodating, kind, and attentive to any needs or requests we had. This is our third stay with AVE in different states and each one has been the same…exceptional.” — Laura L.


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