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Just landed – Smart City Apartment Locating launches in Denver, CO!

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Lacy H.
May 15, 2020

It’s officially been a week since we launched our first market outside of Texas and what an incredible week it’s been! We’ve seen an overwhelming amount of support from the Denver community and started helping over 200 people find their dream apartments.

What is Smart City Locating? 

Smart City Locating is your go-to apartment locator and one-stop-shop for apartment tips, resources, and renter humor. If you’re not familiar with apartment locating, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Our job is to take over your apartment hunt so that you can carry on with your everyday life and still end up with an apartment you love.

You find an apartment once a year and we find one every hour, so let us use our time, experience, and insights to find all the hidden gems and deep-rooted deals you couldn’t find in a Google search or Zillow list. Our free (yes, really), hyper-personalized service takes into account every aspect of what’s important to you in a home. Sure we want to know the basic information like budget, location and size, but we also care about your interests, including how close you want to be to your job, if you have pets (send dog pics please), the necessary natural light you’ll need to keep your house plants alive, and much more–because we take your space personally!

In addition to our apartment locating service, by leasing with Smart City, you get access to our concierge team. Smart City Concierge is another free service (yes, free!) that helps connect you with our internet, renters insurance, movers, and appliance rental partners, ensuring your move is smart and seamless.

Where can you find us? 


Our website is loaded with localized tools including neighborhood guides, apartment listings, and FAQs.

  • Social Media: @SmartCityDenver

We’re most active on Instagram, where you’ll find a collection of blog excerpts, tips, memes, and some of our favorite apartment deals in the city. If there’s one thing we want to stress (besides that our service is free), it’s that the apartment market changes daily. In essence, good rates and open availability are here today and gone tomorrow. So if you see an apartment deal on our Instagram that you like, it’s best to immediately reach out, get set up with a Smart City locator and springboard your search.

You can also connect with us on Facebook and/or follow our parody account on Twitter, @BobTheRenter.

Worried about cost? 

Don’t be. In case it wasn’t obvious, our service is totally free to you. All we ask is that you mention Smart City and your locator on the rental application. It really is that easy.

Ready to get started?

Great! Submit your apartment search form or reach out to us by calling or texting 720-504-0873. Our customer experience team will collect your basic info and connect you with a locator, then your locator will walk you through the rest of the process. Before you know it, you’ll be in your new place, eating pizza from the box and drinking wine out of solo cups because you forgot which box you packed the dishes in.

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