3 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Winter Move

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Sarah Wuenscher
Dec 1, 2022

Sometimes, taking the road less traveled has its perks. While moving during the busy holidays in potentially freezing temps may seem unheard of to some renters, there are a few reasons why signing a lease and making moves in the wintertime is actually a smart play.

1 | Low demand = cheaper rent

While apartment pricing is impossible to predict exactly, year-over-year trends show that rent tends to be cheaper during winter. We’re talking by the hundreds of dollars in some cases!  Properties use dynamic pricing software programs that automatically set pricing based on a number of factors, the main being supply and demand.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to dust off that old microeconomics textbook — we got you! The summertime is what we call “peak moving season”. Every year as the weather heats up renters spring to action and apartment complexes see their highest demand for units. Since there are fewer vacancies on the market, properties are able to up their rents since the supply of available units is lower. In the wintertime, the number of renters looking to move drops, making demand for those same units significantly lower. In order to fill their vacancies more quickly and reach their occupancy goals, apartments tend to lower their rents seasonally to keep the foot traffic flowing.

PRO TIP: If your current lease term ends in the summertime, don’t sweat it! Next time around, consider signing a longer lease so that your move-out date lands in the winter months. That way, when it comes time to relocate, you’ll be able to secure a lower rate.


2 | Winter move specials and concessions

Along with lowering rent during the winter months, some properties sweeten the deals even further by throwing in extra specials or concessions. Sometimes they show up as free rent for a certain amount of time, waived fees, or move-in gifts like gift cards. This time last year, we saw quite a few specials resulting in 6-10 weeks free, gift cards upward of $1000, and $500-$1000 in credit toward leases. If you want in on one of these deals, ask an Apartment Locator what they’re seeing on the market right now. Their job is to keep tabs on the apartment market happenings, and they’ll use their knowledge to help you land the best deal — for free.


3 | Reduced rates on movers

Save yourself the time and effort of calling that one friend with a truck, paying them in pizza and beer, and hoping they won’t be mad that you have way more stuff than you initially shared. We’ve done the research, and moving companies dished that since demand is lower during fall and winter, the prices to hire movers are also lower. Plus, with fewer people relocating, you’ll have more flexibility with scheduling — no need to wake up at the crack of dawn just to squeeze into their tight schedule. Combine those seasonal low rates with a discount from one of our partnered moving services for the ultimate deal.

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