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Dallas Cityplace luxury apartment kitchen and living room
Dallas Cityplace luxury apartment living room
Dallas Cityplace luxury apartment living room

What Its Known For

Cityplace is recognized by the tallest building in Dallas outside of Downtown, the 42-story Tower at Cityplace.
At the center of the action between the east and west sides of 75, this neighborhood serves as a hub for convenient retail needs like groceries, fast food, gas and more.


Moderately priced apartment rates
A practical location off 75, down the street from Henderson Ave. and across the highway from West Village
Local to the life essentials like LA Fitness, Kroger, Target, 7-Eleven, Whataburger, Taco Bell


Because of the central location, traffic remains busy throughout the day and gets particularly worse during rush hour
Not a huge selection of apartments

Cityplace is located on the edge of Old East Dallas, right off Central Expressway (Highway 75) near the West Village pocket of Uptown, off of Haskell Avenue and Blackburn Street. East of 75, the beautiful neighborhood includes tree-lined Haskell and goes past the 42-story Tower at Cityplace, which is best known as being the tallest building in Dallas outside of downtown. Also to the east is a newer, high-end apartment complex.

In close proximity to Kroger, Target and other essential stores. Plus, living right next to 75 is convenient when it comes to traveling anywhere in the inner Dallas area.

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Cityplace is so close to all the areas I frequent most, and there's a Target there so I end up coming through every couple of days.

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