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East Dallas luxury apartment living room
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What Its Known For

Worlds apart from the glamorous clichés of Uptown and North Dallas, this neighborhood attracts more laidback, nature focused residents who enjoy riding their bikes to go paddle boarding on White Rock Lake.


Trendy dive bars, well-loved restaurants, tree-lined streets, quick access to nature and an overall laid back vibe.


Horrible road conditions that will totally destroy your car if you aren't paying attention.

East Dallas is is just east of Highway 75, and it’s pretty central to get to everything cool! It is great if you are into outdoorsy things because you will be close to White Rock Lake. You can run or walk the trails, kayak or paddle board, and take your puppy to the dog park! There are endless options to get some fresh air here. Dallas has plans to extend the Katy Trail through East Dallas as well, which we think is awesome.

There are only a few apartments in this area. It’s great for those who want easy access to Downtown but want to live a more laid back life. If you are looking for restaurants, there are several to choose from! They are currently building an Alamo Drafthouse (so awesome) and you’ll also find Jimmy’s Food Store here! East Dallas borders Deep Ellum so you are just seconds from all the restaurants, bars, and nightlife.

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The people in East Dallas are totally loyal to East Dallas, so that's gotta stand for something.

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