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What Its Known For

Las Colinas is an 86,000 acre mix of residental, entertainment and office space. Home to seven 2019 Fortune 500 companies
Flocked to for it's premiere entertainment hub, the Toyota Music Factory, which hosts big names in music, comedy and more, while being surrounded by an array of eats, drinks and to-dos.

Las Colinas is a fast-growing, planned upscale suburb of the Dallas metroplex. Tons of businesses are relocating here, and because of that, they’re building a large assortment of brand-new luxury apartments.

The Mandalay Canal is a favorite attraction here. Hang out in Dallas’ little slice of Europe while exploring the waterway and all of the shops and restaurants that line it — you can even take a tour on a gondola if that floats your boat! For more fun on the water, head to Lake Carolyn for some paddleboarding. With quick access to both major airports, Las Colinas is a great option for someone who travels often for work (or play!)

Apartments in Las Colinas

Being a newer area, you can expect rental rates to be a bit higher than in other DFW suburbs. But the beautiful scenery and convenient location make it well worth it for many residents! For free help finding your next DFW apartment, fill out our quick form to get started.

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It's the larger Victory Park of Irving.

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